Account and privacy settings in WooCommerce

Account and privacy settings in WooCommerce are about setting up your customers’ accounts. You have some basic settings. We will go through them gradually.

Nastavenie účtov a súkromia vo WooCommerce

Account and privacy settings – order without registration

Here you can choose from two options:

  • Allow customers to send an order without registration – orders will not be associated with their account.
  • Allow customers to log in to an existing checkout account – if the customer does not log in to their account earlier, they will be prompted to do so at the checkout.
WooCommerce account settings and privacy
Account and privacy settings

Creating an account

In this section, you choose where you want customers to create an account. It will be either at checkout at the time of purchase or on the My Account page (this is one of the four pages that WooCommerce created on your site during installation).

The second two lines in this part of the page are dedicated to generating the customer’s username and password:

When creating a new account, automatically generate a username from the customer’s e-mail address – if you leave the field blank when this option is selected, the customer will be able to choose the username himself. If you check it, the system will generate it based on its email.

Automatically generate password when creating a new account – the box in this line has a similar function. Check to generate a system password. If you leave it free, the customer will be able to choose it.

Account deletion requests

Delete personal data from orders – when a customer asks you to delete their personal data, check this box to delete their personal data from all their orders. If you leave it blank, the details in your orders will remain unchanged.

Remove download access – This option applies to downloadable products purchased by a customer who has requested the deletion of personal information. If you check it, access to the download files will be revoked and the download logs will be removed when the account deletion request is processed. The customer will no longer have access to the downloadable products they have purchased.

Privacy Policy

In this section, you set up the display of a privacy policy on your site.

WooCommerce nastavenia zásad ochrany osobných údajov
Privacy policy settings

Privacy Policy Page – Select the page from which your privacy policy will be displayed from the list.

Privacy Policy at Registration – Write brief information to customers on how their personal information will be used. For more information, please link to the privacy policy page.

Checkout Privacy Policy – The text you type will be displayed at the checkout. It is also necessary to insert a link to the privacy policy page so that the customer can read it.

Preservation of personal data

In the last part of the account and privacy settings page, you choose how long you will keep your personal data when it is no longer needed for processing . Do not complete this option if you want to keep the data indefinitely. You set the retention period for pending orders, inactive accounts, canceled orders, and so on.

WooCommerce privacy settings
Privacy settings

For more information, see the official documentation:

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