List of products in the WooCommerce

You can find a list of products in the WooCommerce administration menu under Products .

Zoznam produktov vo WooCommerce

In the clear table of the product list, you can see information such as product name, catalog number, price, product category, whether it is in stock, assigned brands and date of insertion . By default, the list of products is sorted alphabetically in ascending order. Click the arrow next to the product name to sort the list alphabetically in descending order.

WooCommerce product list
List of products

Product list – available functions

The features that you have available in the product list are similar to the features in the list of articles and pages in WordPress. The list of products can be filtered by category, product type (simple, downloadable, virtual) or by stock status.

WooCommerce rýchla úprava produktu
Quick product modification

When you hover over a product name, you’ll see its product ID and several links:

Edit – Clicking the Edit link will take you to the product page, where you can edit all its settings.
Quick Edit – This link opens a table for quick product editing. You can change its name, price, category, status, review permission, visibility, allow or disallow purchase to order, and so on.
Trash – this link is used to move the product to the trash. You can then delete the product forever in the Recycle Bin or restore it again.
Show – displays what the product looks like on the e-shop page.
Duplicate – Used to insert a similar product faster. Clicking Duplicate will create a copy of the product, which you can then edit as needed.

Bulk Actions – In the list of products you also have the option to use Bulk Actions – Edit and Move to Trash . To apply a bulk action, click the empty box at the beginning of the product line, select the desired action, and click Apply .

Product ranking

To change the order of the products, click the Sort tab. Then pre-arrange the products in the desired order via drag & drop (grab and drop with the mouse).

woocommerce products sorting
Product reordering

Import / export of products

You will find three more buttons at the top of the WooCommerce product list page.

Add new – Add a new product.
Import – this button is used to import products from a CSV file.
Export – by clicking this button you can export products as a CSV file.

For more information, see the official documentation:

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