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When operating a WooCommerce e-shop , you will need to work with orders. In this article, we will explain how to add orders and see what you will find in their list.WooCommerce - zoznam a pridanie objednávok

You can find order management tools in WooCommerce in the page administration under WooCommerce ›Orders . A page will open where you will find a list of your orders. They are sorted by the date they were created. An order is created when the customer clicks the Order button in your e-shop.

List of orders in WooCommerce

You can filter the list of orders by date or by registered customers . In the order list you will find information such as order number, creation date, status and order amount. If you click on an eye in the order line, a preview will be displayed.

WooCommerce order list
Order list

For a better overview of your orders, I recommend clicking on the Display Options feature in the top right corner of the page . Add additional features at your discretion that do not display the preset order page view. Finally, click the Apply button.

WooCommerce možnosti zobrazenia objednávok
Order list display options

Add orders in WooCommerce

If you want to manually create a new order, at the top of the list of orders you will find a button for its creation Add order . You will be taken to the page for creating a new order.

WooCommerce pridanie objednávky
Add orders

Orders Orders – after filling in the required data, find the Orders Orders window in the upper right of the screen. Select the required action here and click Create . You can also click the button šípka.

Order ID

When creating orders in WooCommerce , it may happen that you will have orders sorted by date, but you will not have their IDs in order. For example, you will have order no. 24 and then to order no. 41.

This is not because orders are lost or their list is in any way shuffled. This is because orders for WordPress are actually sites or posts.

Each page and post has its own ID in WordPress. So if you add a new article, page, product, etc. to the e-shop between the creation of two consecutive orders, WordPress assigns them an ID in order.

If you want your order IDs to follow the order, install the WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers plugin.

For more information, see the official documentation: docs.woocommerce.com

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