What is a scheduled post

Čo je to naplánovaný príspevokA scheduled post is a post that is ready for publication but has not yet been published .

You can schedule a post to be published in the Publish window on the article or page edit page.

When it is time for publication, this post will be published automatically. You can schedule the publication of a page, article, or other type of post, depending on the posting options of your WordPress topic.

How to create a scheduled post

To create a scheduled post, in your WordPress site administration, go to Articles ›Add New or Pages› Add New and create your post. Don’t forget to save his draft.

nastavenie plánovaného príspevku
Set the date and time of the scheduled post

To schedule a post, click the Edit link in the Publish Now row . You will find it in the Publish window in the upper right corner of the screen. You will have the option to set the exact date and time of publication. After entering the selected date and time, click OK .

schedule post
Schedule a post

After setting the selected date and time, click Schedule .

WordPress scheduled post
Scheduled post in the list of articles

In the list of pages or articles, a scheduled post appears with a Scheduled note next to its title. In the last column of the list of posts, you will find information about the date on which the publication is scheduled.

You can edit it like other posts. You can also change the scheduled publication date. You can also change the status of a scheduled post back to draft by clicking the Quick Edit link below the page or article title.

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