Product features in WooCommerce

In this section of the guide for adding a new product in WooCommerce , we will talk about how to assign specific properties to a product. Product attributes include color, pattern, size, and so on.

Vlastnosti a pokročilé nastavenia produktu

Product features

Product features are a good tool for filtering goods. They are also displayed on the page of a specific product. In order to be able to assign these properties to a new product, you must first define them.

To create a list of product properties or to add a new property, go to Products ›Properties in the online store administration. On the page, to create product properties, fill in:

WooCommerce product properties creation
Creating a product property

Name — fill in the name of the product property.
Slug – A slug is the part of a URL that defines a specific product feature. You don’t have to enter it, WooCommerce will create it for you.
Enable archive – if you check the box in this line, the product property will have its own list of products in WooCommerce that suit it.
Basic sorting – in this part of the page you set how the properties will be sorted on the goods pages.

List of product features

On the Products ›Properties page, you have now created your list of product properties. When you hover over a specific property name, you’ll see two lines: Edit and Delete . You can use them to edit or delete individual product properties.

Creating product property values

You will also find a link for Setting values in the product properties table. This link is used to set values for product properties such as size and similar parameters. In my example, we set values for the material property. Fill in the Name and Description fields to create a value. Then click the Add New … button.

WooCommerce nastavenie hodnoty vlastnosti
Create a property value

The added values are displayed in a table on the right side of the page. When you move the cursor over the name of a specific value, you will see lines for editing, quick editing, deleting and displaying the value.

Set product properties and values for a new product

Let’s return now to the page to add a new product. On the Properties tab in the product data table, click the arrow in the User-specified product property row. A list of product properties that you have created is displayed. Select one of them and click the Add button.

WooCommerce priradenie vlastnosti produktu
Product property assignment

Assign a value to a product property

In the table that appears after you assign a product property, you can also assign a value to the selected property. Click in the Select values box to see a list of the values you have created. Select the values you want to assign to the goods here. You can also select multiple values. To delete a value from the list, click on the small cross next to its name.

WooCommerce assigns a value to a product property
Assign a value to a product property

Adding a new value of goods – in the table you will also find a button when adding a new value of goods Add new . Enter the name of the new value in the window that opens when you press it.

WooCommerce adding new value goods
Adding a new value of goods

Visible to product page – The last line in the product properties settings window is the visibility setting on the product page. Select the check box to select whether the property appears on the product page.

Change the order of properties

In the product editing, you need to hover your mouse over one of the properties – a three-dash icon will appear, through which you can grab and release the system.

Zmena poradia vlastností produktu

Advanced settings for the product

You can set some additional features on the last tab of the product data table.

WooCommerce údaje o produkte pokročilé
Product Data – Advanced

Order Note – Order notes are used to enter the information you want to send to the customer after the purchase.
Product order – the default product order in WooCommerce is by name. If you want to choose your own order, you can do so by entering the sequence number in this line.
Allow reviews – Check the box to allow reviews to be displayed for a specific product.

For more information, see the official documentation:

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