What is paging

Čo je to stránkovanieLanding helps navigate your website visitors. Pagination splits content across multiple pages.

Pagination is navigation that shows links to various sites.

What we use paging for

It is a great tool for websites with a lot of content or for pages with large posts.

WordPress uses four types of paging. These are used by most WordPress themes:

Archive paging – used to navigate between pages in the archive. You can set the number of posts that appear on one archive page in the page administration thanks to the Settings ›Reading feature.

Article paging – used to divide a large article on a website into several sections. The internet visitor navigates between the individual parts of the article faster. It is also easier for him to find the individual follow-up parts of the article.

Paging of posts – a division of consecutive articles that uses a common theme is used. By paging, you combine articles into one whole.

Comment paging – This feature will be useful if you have more comments on your website. Instead of showing them all, you can split them into multiple pages. Once a number of comments have been exceeded, new comments will not appear until you click the link to view them. Use the Settings ›Comments feature to set the number of comments that appear on one page.

Paging example in WordPress
Paging example in WordPress

Plugin paging settings

The basic content distribution that WordPress uses uses the links Previous Post – Next Post . In some topics, individual posts are also marked with numbers. This type of paging only allows you to move between consecutive articles.

If you want to use a different type of paging, you can install the appropriate plugin. Allows you to move, for example, to the oldest post and so on. A suitable plugin is, for example, WP-PageNavi .

WP Page-Navi
WP Page-Navi
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