What is spam

Čo je to spamSpam is unsolicited electronic communication. Its goal is to spread advertising.

In layman’s terms, these are often emails to which we have never given consent.

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Forms of spam

We distinguish two forms:

  1. E-mail – These are unsolicited e-mail messages that are delivered to a large number of recipients.
  2. Spam comments in newsgroups or under articles.

Both forms usually contain unsolicited advertising or other commercial content. In both cases, it is an abuse of electronic communications.

Spam in WordPress

In WordPress, we are talking about the second of these forms. It may appear on your site as a comment or backlink. WordPress offers several plugins to protect against spam. The most commonly used is the Akismet plugin.

This plugin is installed in every WordPress theme. To use the Akismet plugin, go to Plugins ›Akismet in the site administration. Click on the Activate link here.

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