What is a trackback

Čo je to trackbackTrackback is a feedback that is sent when you use a link to the content of another website on your site.

This link will be sent to the page whose content you used and will appear in the administration of this page.

Thanks to trackbacks as well as pingbacks , the authors of a page or article are notified that you have used a link to the content created by them. This way, backlinks can also help you. Thanks to them, you will be informed that someone is linking to your site.

Trackbacks and pingbacks can be easily mistaken. They differ in several respects:

  1. The main difference is how they communicate with the server. They use the HTTP POST protocol to communicate.
  2. Trackback sending is set manually.
  3. These alerts carry more information than pingbacks.
  4. Trackbacks also have one important feature – you can also use them to communicate with a site that doesn’t run on WordPress.

What will I use the trackback for?

Trackback is a great tool when you post comments on another site. For example, these could be comments on articles with topics similar to those on a particular article on your site. Visitors to your site will also see published comments using this backlink .

How to set up a trackback

sending trackbacks
Trackback sending settings

To set up trackback submission, click the Display Options button in the upper right corner of the page while editing or creating a new post. Click Send Backlinks here. Under the post editor you will find the following window:

Enter the URL of the article you are linking to here. The trackback will be sent after the post is published.

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