What is pingback

Čo je to pingbackPingback is a type of notification that WordPress sends to another website if you use a link to its content on your site.

Thus, pingbacks as well as trackbacks are used to inform the author of a page or article that you have used a link to his page. The site you are referring to will be prompted by a comment in the administration informing the site administrator that you are referring to their site.

Difference pingback vs trackack

Thanks to pingbacks and trackbacks, you will find that someone is linking to your article or page. Pingbacks differ from tracbacks in the way they communicate with the server. Pingbacks use the XML-RPC protocol to communicate with the server . In addition, Pingbacks are sent automatically and only work between WordPress websites.

For example, you use pingbacks in comments that you post on another site, but you want visitors to your site to see it as well. You will also use them in an article that refers to external sources.

Pingbacks – permission settings

WordPress allows pingbacks
Enable pingbacks

You set pingback permissions on the comments settings page. You can find it in the page administration under Settings ›Comments . Here you can choose whether you want to enable / disable pingbacks in the comments to your articles.

For more information, visit: codex.wordpress.org .

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