WooCommerce – Product publishing

WooCommerce product publishing tools can be found in the upper right corner of the Add Product page. Use these tools to publish the product you created. After publishing, the product will be displayed on the e-shop page.

WooCommerce — publikovanie produktu

You have settings similar to when you publish an article. In addition, you can set here how the product will be displayed on the e-shop website. You can also save it as a draft and come back to it later or hide it.

Product concept in WooCommerce

The first function is the status of the created product. When you click the Edit link, you can save the created product draft as a draft or a product awaiting approval. Click OK to confirm your selection or cancel your selection.

WooCommerce stav produktu
Product condition

Product visibility

In the Publish window below, you will find the Visibility row. After clicking the Edit link, you can set the visibility of the created product. You have a choice of three options: public, password protected, private.

WooCommerce product visibility
Product publishing – visibility

Deferred product publishing

This feature is very useful if you do not want to publish the created goods immediately . After clicking on the Edit link, you will set the date and time when the product should be published.

WooCommerce plán publikovania produktu
Product publishing scheduling

Product visibility in the catalog

WooCommerce also allows you to set the visibility of the product in the e-shop catalog. You have the following options to choose from:

WooCommerce viditeľnosť produktu v katalógu
Product visibility in the catalog

Shop and search results – if you select this option, the goods will be displayed in the catalog of your e-shop as well as in the search.
Store Only – Items will appear in the store, but not in the search results.
Search results only – the item will appear in the search results, but will not appear in the store.
Hidden – if you select this option, the goods will not be displayed. It will only be possible to find it via the URL. This setting is useful, for example, if you sell grouped products.

Click Publish to save all changes to the product settings. If you have already published the product, this button is called Update .

How to hide products that are not in stock

If you do not want a product that is not in stock to be displayed in the catalog, you do not have to make this setting for each item separately. You can find the necessary settings in the e-shop administration under WooCommerce ›Settings› Products ›Warehouse . I described the general product and warehouse settings in the article Product settings in WooCommerce .

For more information, see the official documentation: docs.woocommerce.com

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