What is a pinned post

Čo je to pripnutý príspevokA sticky post is an article that always appears first in the list of posts. It will appear in the first place, even if it is not the latest post.

If you have more than one article set as a pinned post, the most recent one will be displayed.

How to set a pinned post

To set up a pinned post, go to the list of all articles in the administration of your site. You can find it under Articles ›All Articles . Click the title of the article you want to pin.

Pripnutie príspevku
Pin a post

In the Publish window, located in the upper right corner of the page for editing the article, find the line Visibility . Click the Edit link here and click the box next to Paste Article to Front Page. If you don’t see this option, your WordPress theme doesn’t have a pinned post feature.

Press the OK button to complete the setup. Then click the Publish or Update button (if this is an already published article).

More info about sticky posts can be found here .

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