What is a tag

Čo je to tagTags are keywords that capture the information included in an article. It is one of the two taxonomies that WordPress uses.

In other words, a tag is also called a tag or label.

Brand properties

Tags are only assigned to articles. You can also assign multiple tags to a single article. They are more specific than categories . Categories indicate a specific topic to which an article is assigned.

Tags indicate specific information contained in an article.
Another important feature of tags is that they do not create a hierarchy. Therefore, one brand cannot be superior to another.

How to create a tag

To create a tag, go to Articles ›Tags in the administration menu of your WordPress site.

creating a tag
Creating a tag

On the right side of the screen you will find a list of all the tags used so far on the page. You will create a new tag on the left side of the screen. Fill in the Name as lug fields. The name will be the name of the tag that will be displayed on the site. Slug will be used to create the brand URL. Be sure to click the Add New Tag button.

How to edit a tag

You can also edit tags. In the tag list on the right side of the screen, hover over the name of a specific tag. You will see the Edit, Quick Edit, Delete, and View lines.

How to add a tag during article creation

W ordPress allows you to assign tags to an article when creating or editing it:

add tag
Add a tag to the article editing page

You can also create a new tag here. As you scroll down the page, you will find the following window.
Here you can select from the list of most used tags or insert a new tag. The added tags are saved after saving the draft article, publishing it or updating it.

More info: codex.wordpress.org .

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