Narrow focused vs. multifunctional šablóny – advantages and disadvantages

I will explain the differences between šablóna me focused on a specific area (niche) and multifunctional (multipurpose) šablóna me and their advantages and disadvantages.

Úzko zamerané vs. viacúčelové šablóny - výhody a nevýhody

Narrowly focused šablóny

These are šablóny focused on a specific area , ie niche (from the English niche). For example, it can be šablóny focused on recipes, travel, vacation, real estate, online courses, photography, hotels, accommodation , etc. There are even šablóny for such specific niches as barbershops, churches and weddings .

Where and how to look for narrowly focused topics

You can search for such topics in different topic repositories . It is essential that these repositories have a detailed filter according to which you can filter the desired area. I will show it with these two examples: is the official and largest repository of free šablón . There are over 7,000 šablón . So there is a good chance that you will also find šablóny for narrowly focused areas here. You can use a filter, tags, or the search box itself when searching:

How to filter šablóny on


Themeforest is one of the largest repositories of premium šablón with very advanced categorization and filtering, so even here you are very likely to find a topic for a narrow niche.

Advanced šablón filtering on Themeforest

Multifunctional šablóny

Multipurpose šablóny are designed to be used for different areas . They usually contain dozens of pre-prepared demo skins , which are already styled by the creators for specific areas. They also usually contain many more settings so that they can be customized for different purposes.

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Which multifunctional themes to choose?

I consider Divi and Avada to be the best multi-purpose šablóny . To find more, filter them on Themeforest as I mentioned above. While working for clients, I had the opportunity to work with these other multifunctional šablóna me: The X Theme, Enfold, BeTheme, The7 and Flatsome – all of them I rate as usable.

You can also use a combination of šablóny and Elementor page builder as a multifunctional theme. With this combination, you can put together virtually any design, giving you a look for specific niches.

divi demos
Demonstration of different looks (demos) of Divi šablóny

Differences, advantages and disadvantages

In the following table, I will try to explain the differences šablóna area-specific and multi-purpose šablóna me (and their advantages and disadvantages) :

Narrowly focused šablóny Multifunction šablóny
They are focused on a specific area. They are designed so that they can be adapted to any area.
+ Less unnecessary things – if the šablóna is well done, it contains only the elements and settings needed for the niche. So it’s more minimalist.
+ Tailored to the area – after all, such a šablóna is precisely designed for the area, which is more difficult to achieve with a multifunctional šablón .
+ Save time when setting up – as it usually has fewer settings than a multi-purpose theme
+ Price – Some multipurpose šablóny (such as Divi ) have lifetime access and unlimited use of šablóny for a one-time fee. This is especially useful for those who need more websites.
+ Save time with reuse – an advantage for those who create multiple websites – all they need to do is learn how to work with one šablón and they don’t have to learn a different one every time.
+ More tutorials – on the internet there are more multifunctional šablóny (because they are much more used than niche šablóny ) more tutorials and forums where they can advise you.
– More bugs – in my experience, these narrowly focused topics sometimes have more bugs than multifunctional šablóny that a larger team of programmers are working on for a long time (beware, this is not the rule).
– Weaker documentation – in my experience they have weaker developed documentation than the multifunctional type of šablóny .
– End of support risk – It has happened to me that the creators of šablóny have stopped developing, updating and supporting šablóny (probable reason – fewer sales than they expected, so it will not pay off).
– More time to learn to do with it – this is not the rule, but sometimes it takes longer compared to narrowly focused topics because multifunctional topics have more options.
– Less adaptation to the area than specific šablóna .

Which type to choose?

Choosing the right type of šablóny depends on the situation. In general, if you are an agency, freelancer or person planning to create multiple websites, I would consider reaching for a multi-purpose e- šablón . If you plan to have only one website, then narrowly specialized šablóna can better meet the requirements in your area.

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