What is a category

Čo je to kategóriaCategory is one of the topics you cover on your site. It is a great helper for visitors to your site.

It makes it easier for them to find their way around the search. Combines posts with content related to a similar topic. You assign a specific category to an article as you create or edit it.

Category and hierarchy

Categories can form a hierarchy. Each of them can have its own subcategories. You can only categorize articles. Only one category can be assigned to each article. You can also find the category associated with the article in the list of your articles in the WordPress administration.

WordPress list of categories
List of categories

You can manage your category list. You can find the tools you need by going to Articles ›Categories in your WordPress administration. Here you can delete individual categories, but also edit a new category. You can also view articles to which categories are assigned here.

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