Product settings in WooCommerce

You have several tools in WooCommerce for setting up products. We will now talk about the settings you will find in the administration of your site under WooCommerce ›Settings .

Nastavenia produktov vo WooCommerce

We will talk about how to add products to the e-shop in one of the following sections of the manual.In the product settings, you will find three lines at the top of the page. We will go through them gradually.

General product settings

In the general product settings section, you set the weight and size unit, ratings and reviews.

WooCommerce všeobecné nastavenia produktov
General product settings

Units of weight and size are entered mainly for the transport of goods, for the calculation of the weight of shipments, the calculation of shipment dimensions and the like.

WooCommerce nastavenie recenzií a hodnotenia
Review and rating settings

In the review and rating settings, you can choose whether to allow site visitors to rate products. You can also set whether product reviews are optional or not.

Again, don’t forget to save your changes.

Product settings – warehouse

Warehouse settings are an optional feature. They are designed for e-shop inventory management. If you want to use warehouse settings, check the box in the first line of the page: Enable inventory management .

WooCommerce warehouse management permission
Warehouse management permit

You will also find the following options in the warehouse settings:

WooCommerce warehouse settings
Warehouse settings

Hold stock (in minutes)

Here you select the time during which the given product will be kept in stock from the received order to its payment. The goods are removed from the warehouse when the order is created. If the order is not paid by the specified time, the goods will be added to the warehouse again. If you do not want to use this function, do not fill in the field.


Next, notice the two alert lines. You can choose to receive emails alerting you to low or depleted inventory . In the following fields, you fill in your e-mail, the number of pieces of goods for which you want to be notified of low stock and the number of pieces for which you will receive a notification of depletion.

In the penultimate line, you set whether items that are not in stock should be displayed on the e-shop pages.

In the last line, you specify whether the number of pieces in stock will also be displayed on the page when the product is displayed.

Products to download

On the last product settings page, you set up the products that are to be downloaded. It will be about goods like e-books, software and the like.

WooCommerce products for download
Products to download

How to download the file

When you click on the arrow in this row, you will see three options:

Force download – when this option is set, files will be downloaded using PHP script. This option is useful if you want the customer to download the file only once after paying for the order. The URL will remain hidden.

X-Accel-Redirect / X-Sendfile – this option is for larger files. (The server must support these headers, and X-Accel-Redirect is available on Nginx.)
Redirect only – the customer will be redirected to the file URL after payment. Therefore, you will not have control over how many times you actually download the file.

Restriction of access

There are two more options in the last section of product download settings:

Downloading files requires a login – if you check this box, the customer will only be able to download the file if they are logged in to their account.
Grant access to downloadable products after payment – the customer will be able to download the file immediately after payment, even if the order is still in the process of being processed . If you leave this box blank, you will not be able to download the files until they are ready .

If you’ve clicked through the settings here, remember to save your changes again.

For more information, see the official documentation:

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