VAT settings in WooCommerce

If you are a VAT payer, this part of the settings is important to you. The VAT settings determine how the prices will be displayed in your WooCommerce e-shop – with or without VAT and how the prices are calculated. We will go through all the settings step by step again.

Nastavenie DPH vo WooCommerce

Tax settings

The first page for setting up VAT is dedicated to setting up taxes. It depends on how you enter prices into the e-shop. You can choose from two pricing options in the first rows:

WooCommerce VAT settings
VAT settings

Yes, I will enter prices including tax – if you select this option, the product price will already include VAT.
No, I will enter prices without tax – you enter the price without tax and VAT will be added to it.

Again, you have several options in the tax calculation method settings. You can find them when you click on the arrow in the Count Tax Based line. Those options are:

  • Customer delivery address
  • Customer billing address
  • Basic store address

If your customers are not VAT payers from abroad, select Base Store Address . However, if you also offer your goods abroad, you can also choose one of the other two options.

Transport tax class

Here you set which tax class you want to use for transport. If you want the shipping tax to be determined by the tax of the cart item, leave the default setting on this line.


In this line, you set whether you want the tax to be rounded line by line – in which case you leave the checkbox blank. You can also check the box – in this case, the tax will not be rounded to the subtotal.

VAT settings – additional tax classes

In this window you create additional tax rates. To do this, write each additional tax on a new line. The changes will not take effect until you save by clicking Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

WooCommerce doplnkové daňové triedy
Creating additional tax classes

In addition to the fact that each new tax deposited can be found in the links at the top of the page, it is also displayed in the Shipping Tax Class options.

Additional tax classes – lines

Show prices in the store

Choose whether to display prices in the store without VAT or with VAT.

Show prices in the shopping cart and at the checkout

It’s basically the same setting as in the previous point, you’re just setting prices for the cart and checkout.

Extension behind the price display

This is the text that will appear behind the price of the product. This can be, for example , including VAT . Write the selected text in the window in this line.

WooCommerce DPH prípona
Suffix as valuable and display the amount of taxes

See the total amount of taxes

In the last line of the page, you set whether you want the price to be displayed with the displayed VAT value or as just the total price.

For more information, see the official documentation:

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