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When adding a new product to the page of your WooCommerce e-shop , it is necessary to enter more product data. In this section of the manual, we will look at how to enter general and product data related to the warehouse.

WooCommerce údaje o produkte

General product information

You have several tabs in the Product Data window. On the first tab, which concerns general product data, you fill in the following data:

WooCommerce všeobecné údaje o produkte
General product information

Normal price – enter the current price of the product in euros.

Price after discount – this field is used to enter the price of the product for which you provide a discount.

Plan – if you plan to give the product a discount for a certain period, you can set it by clicking on the Plan link.

WooCommerce naplánovanie trvania zľavy
Discount duration planning

Taxability – select one of the options – taxable, only transport, not taxed.

Tax rate – after clicking on the arrow, you will have the tax rates you set. You can find the settings for taxes in the e-shop menu under the option WooCommerce ›Settings on the Tax tab. I write more about tax settings in the articles VAT settings in WooCommerce and Tax rate settings .

Product data – warehouse

The second tab of the product data window is the data tab for the Warehouse . Here you fill in the data needed to manage the product inventory.

WooCommerce údaje o produkte sklad
Product data – warehouse

Catalog number – the catalog number is the designation of the goods in your e-shop. Used to identify the product or service you are selling.
Warehouse Management – Select the check box to enable product inventory management. This line is only available if you have enabled warehouse management in the warehouse settings for the entire e-shop. I wrote about this topic in the article Product settings .

If you have enabled inventory management for the product you are adding in the Warehouse Management line, you will see additional lines:

Quantity in stock – you enter the number of pieces of the product.
Allow purchase to order? (When the goods are not in stock.) – you can choose whether or not to allow purchase to order if the goods are not in stock. To allow purchase to order, you also have the option to: Allow but inform the customer. If you choose this option, the information that the goods are available to order will appear on the product page.
Sold individually – used for goods that can be purchased only once, that is, in quantities of one piece. If you are adding this type of goods, check the box in this line.

For more information, see the official documentation: docs.woocommerce.com

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