Setting the tax rate in WooCommerce

In a previous article, Setting Up VAT, I mentioned how to create additional tax classes. Now let’s look at setting the tax rate in WooCommerce for all taxes.

Nastavenie daňovej sadzby vo WooCommerce

Setting the tax rate

To set the tax rate, go to the Tax section in the WooCommerce settings. You will find several lines in the top line. All tax rates are filled in the same way. In our example, we’ll go over the standard tax rate setting. Therefore, click on the Standard Rate link.

WooCommerce nastavenie daňovej sadzby
Setting the tax rate

In the table that opens, find the Insert Row button and click on it. If you sell in multiple states, you’ll be adding and filling out rows for each one . If you do not enter the tax for other countries, you will not see prices including VAT in the e-shop when sold to these countries. You can also remove individual rows from the table as needed. We will tell you how to fill in the table on the example of the VAT rate for the Slovak Republic.

In the case of Slovakia, only some of the fields in the table need to be filled in:

Country code – The country code consists of two letters. You fill in SK.

Country code, postal code and city – if you sell goods to countries where the tax rate varies depending on the specific country or city, you will also fill in these fields. You do not have to fill them in for Slovakia.

Rate in% – for the standard rate write the amount of the standard VAT rate in the Slovak Republic, ie 20%. For the other rates you will use, fill in the appropriate rate. So for a reduced rate it will be 10% and so on.

Tax name – the tax name is VAT.

Priority and Composition – for Slovakia you do not have to fill in these fields.

Transport – if the tax will also apply to transport, check the box in this window.

For more information, see the official documentation:

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