Site settings in WooCommerce

The pages that WooCommerce automatically creates when installed on your site need to be set up. You can find the necessary tools for page setup in the WordPress administration under WooCommerce ›Settings› Advanced .

Nastavenie stránky vo WooCommerce

Page setup

Cart, Checkout, and Customer Account – On the site settings page, you can select the pages on which the cart, checkout, and customer account will be displayed. You can also leave the default setting here.

WooCommerce nastavenia stránky
Page settings

Terms and Conditions – in this line you need to set a specific page where your terms and conditions are located. To do so, click on the arrow in the Select Page window. Here you select a page where the customer will be able to read your terms and conditions. If you set up this page, the customer will be asked at the cashier to agree to the terms and conditions.

Secure cash register – an SSL certificate is required for the safe operation of your store. An SSL certificate provides secure, encrypted communication with servers. If you have this certificate, check the box in this line.

Cash and account endpoints

As you scroll down the page, you’ll be taken to the checkout and account endpoint tools. Here you can leave preset options or also disable endpoints. To do this, clear the preset options.

WooCommerce koncové body účtu
Cash register endpoints
WooCommerce account endpoints
Account endpoints

Reinstall the site

If you don’t see your cart, checkout, and account page between pages, you’ve probably skipped this step in the installation wizard or deleted them. Fortunately, missing pages can be installed afterwards. Must go to Status –> Tools –> Create default WooCommerce site :

Additional creation of a cart, checkout and account store page.

For more information, see the official documentation:

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