How to install WooCommerce

One of the solutions for creating an e-shop is the WordPress plugin WooCommerce . This plugin is very popular with users, not least because it is freely available. In the following lines, I will briefly explain how to install WooCommerce (also called Woo for short) .

Ako nainštalovať WooCommerce

WooCommerce owes its popularity above all to the fact that it offers comprehensive functionality for creating an online store of any focus. You can connect it to any WordPress website.

There are also many practical extensions available to Woo that enrich its features. I write more about its benefits in the article What is WooCommerce?

How to install WooCommerce

To install WooCommerce, you need to go to the page to add a new plugin . In your site administration, select Plugins ›Add New . You can also click on Plugins in the administration and then click the Add New button at the top of the page.

Inštalácia pluginu WooCommerce
WooCommerce plugin installation

A list of plugins will open, from the official website. Look for the WooCommerce plugin in the list. In the list of plugins, you can view the details of WooCommerce using the Details option. In the window that opens, you will see what features it offers, information about the author and the date of the last update.

Click Install Now to install the plugin. WooCommerce will automatically install on your WordPress site.

Plugin activation

After installing the plugin, you need to activate it. Use the Activate button for this step, which replaced the original Install Now button.

WooCommerce activation
WooCommerce activation

WooCommerce Installation Guide

After activating WooCommerce, an installation wizard window will open. Fill in the individual fields and click the Let’s do it option. In each window you can set:

Store location – fill in the address, payment menu and what products you plan to sell.
Payment options – Woo has pre-set payment options by bank transfer, check, cash on delivery and via PayPal. Additional options can be installed additionally.
Transport – You can fill in the basic settings for national and international transport.

Sprievodca inštaláciou WooCommerce
WooCommerce Installation Guide

At the end of the setup wizard, you can upload the first products . You can also skip each of the settings and return to them later in your site administration. You will find a link to skip the initial settings below the settings window.

WooCommerce tools in WordPress administration

Note that Woo now has its own tools in web administration. To complete or change the initial settings, click WooCommerce ›Settings . In addition to WooCommerce tools, WordPress administration also includes Products tools.

WooCommerce on the site board

When you enter your site, a new window with information about the status of WooCommerce will be waiting for you in the administration on the bulletin board. Here you will find a clear overview of sales per month, new orders, number of products, low-stock products and orders waiting to be paid.

Stav WooCommerce na nástenke
WooCommerce status on the site board

WooCommerce site (endpoints)

The last thing that has changed after installing WooCommerce on your site is the 4 sites that Woo will use. You can find them in the website administration in the Pages section. These are the cart, my account, checkout and store pages . This site will serve e-shop customers when shopping or after logging in.

WooCommerce zoznam stránok
WooCommerce endpoints

For more information, see the official documentation:

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