What is administration

co-je-to-administraciaAdministration is a toolbar for creating and managing WordPress sites. You can get to the administration stand by logging in to WordPress. Click the cursor to go to the individual menu items.


At the top of the WordPress administration page is a toolbar, called toolbar . Here are some options for quick access to site settings: a link to WordPress.org , documentation and support forums, a link to your site, a message board, editing topics, menus, widgets, and comments.

Wordpress administration

You’ll also find a link to add a new article, page, media file, and access individual user profiles.

WordPress administration – menu

In the WordPress administration menu you will find tools for:

  • creation and editing of articles and pages,
  • uploading, searching and editing multimedia files (images, videos, pdf and other files),
  • organization and management of comments,
  • Customize the appearance of your WordPress site, manage šablóny , widgets, menus, headers, and more.
  • Adding, activating and deactivating plugins
  • Add and set user rights
  • tools for importing and exporting articles, pages, multimedia, personal data and the like,
  • website and plugin properties settings, privacy page settings,
  • tool settings of some plugins.
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