What are revisions

Čo sú to revízieRevisions in WordPress are a handy feature that allows you to track changes to your site’s content.

The revision is saved whenever you make and save a change to a page or article.

In the revision, you can view all the changes made and compare different versions of the post. Older versions can also be restored here.

Reason for revision

Revisions serve as a backup for older versions of posts. Thanks to them, you can undo all the changes you have made and restore the selected version. They are also a backup if you accidentally delete content on your site.

View versions

WordPress revízie
Display options

To see all versions for a particular page or article, simply:

  1. Go to the article / page list page.
  2. Open any post.
  3. Click Display Options in the upper right corner of the page to edit the post.
  4. In the window that opens, check the Revisions box and close the Display Options window.
  5. You can find the list of article / page revisions by scrolling down the page. It is located just below the editor’s window for editing the page content. You can also access revisions in the Publish window in the upper right corner of the page.
list of revisions
Revision list

Comparison and recovery of revisions

In the revision list, you’ll find any changes you’ve made to the page or article. You can view them by clicking on the date of a specific revision.

Comparison and recovery of revisions
Comparison and recovery of revisions

You can also compare individual revisions here by checking the box in the Comparison line of two different revisions or to move between the individual revisions using the Previous , Next buttons. To restore one of the revisions, click the Restore this revision button.

For more information on revisions, visit codex.wordpress.org .

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