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WordPress vizuálny editor zobrazuje váš príspevok v tej podobe, ako bude zobrazený na stránke. Vo vizuálnom editore pracujete podobne ako v inom bežnom textovom editore. Pomocou tlačidiel alebo klávesových skratiek môžete meniť typ  The post editor in WordPress allows you to edit the content of articles and pages.

Appears on the post creation and editing page under the article or page title.

WordPress Post Editor

In most WordPress themes, you’ll encounter two basic post editors when creating posts:

WordPress visual editor

WordPress visual and text editor
Visual and text editor

WordPress visual editor displays your post as it will be displayed on the page. In a visual editor, you work similarly to another regular text editor.

You can use keys or keyboard shortcuts to change the font, copy and paste text, set bullets, numeric bullets, and more. You can also include a link to another page or one of the posts on your site.

In addition, the visual editor allows you to select the writing mode without interference . To type so that the text is displayed in full screen, press písanie bez rušeniain the upper right corner of the visual editor. In this typing mode, all toolbars except the visual editor buttons are hidden.

WordPress text editor

WordPress text editor also displays text with html codes. In the text editor, all the content you have inserted into your post is displayed in html format. The buttons in the text editor work in two ways. If you highlight the text and then click the button, you will insert the html code at the beginning and end of the text at the same time.

If you click the button without highlighting specific text, you’ll enter code that will apply to the text you type. Press the button again to close the code. The text editor is recommended for users who have at least a basic knowledge of html.

To change the current editor you are working in, use the button above the window in which you are creating the content of the page or article.

Editor Gutenberg

The latest WordPress editor is Gutenberg. Gutenberg is available from WordPress version 5.0. Gutenberg works on a block basis. You can create blocks for all kinds of page content: text, images, spreadsheet videos, and more. You can move and edit individual blocks as you create pages and posts, which helps you better understand the final look of your page.

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