What is a WordPress theme

Čo je to WordPress témaThe WordPress theme determines the look and functionality of the WordPress site. The individual topics differ in layout, functions and design.

WordPress theme is also used instead of WordPress theme šablóna .

How to manage WordPress themes

All themes you have installed on your site can be found in the site administration under Appearance ›Themes .

WordPress Themes
WordPress Themes

Many WordPress themes can be downloaded for free from the themes directory at WordPress.org. If none of the freely available šablón you, you can also choose from paid šablón . You can add functionality to many themes using WordPress plugins.

Tip: I consider Divi and Avada to be excellent šablóny .

WordPress Theme – Editing

You customize the look and feel of your site with the Appearance ›Customize feature. The functions and appearance of the šablóny can be customized using a child theme . Child theme takes on looks and functions from the theme you enjoy. This topic is called a parent topic. At the same time, Child theme adds new features and customization options to the parent theme.

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