What is a child theme

Čo je to child themeChild theme is a WordPress theme through which you can extend the functionality and appearance of the theme that you have installed on your site.

You can also use it to change or add features to the original theme. The original topic is called the parent topic. It will not work without a parent theme.

Why use a child theme

Using this theme is useful if you want to customize the look and feel of your parent theme without having to install a new theme. If you made these changes directly to your topic, they would be overwritten the next time you update. However, if you install them by installing a child theme, the changes will remain unchanged when you update your theme.

If you don’t want to change features but just the look of your theme, you don’t have to use a new theme . The WordPress Customizer will help you with this. WordPress Customizer is a tool for customizing the look of the site. Click Customize in your site’s toolbar to customize the look. You can also go to Appearance ›Customize in the site administration.

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