General WooCommerce settings

The next step in personalizing the e-shop is general settings. I mentioned some of them marginally in the previous section of the How to install WooCommerce guide . Fill in or modify the individual e-shop settings according to what you set in the WooCommerce installation process.

Všeobecné nastavenia WooCommerce

Tools for general e-shop settings can be found in the WordPress administration under WooCommerce ›Settings .

Table of Contents

General settings

In the general settings section, you will add or change the set data such as the address and sales locations to which you want to sell . If you will not be selling to all countries as preset, click the small arrow in the Sell to all countries box.

You have a choice of two options: Sell to all countries except … or Sell to specific countries . Choose the one that suits you.

WooCommerce general settings
General settings

In the window that appears, select the countries to which you want to sell. You set up traffic in a similar way. Click the arrow in the appropriate box and select one of the shipping options.

Currency setting

You’ll also find settings for geolocation, enabling VAT calculation (depending on whether you’re a VAT payer), and currency settings.

WooCommerce currency settings
Currency setting

Setting the currency allows you to set the menu you are using. You simply select the menu from the list. You can also set the menu display position, the thousands and decimal separator and the number of decimal numbers. Click Save Changes to save all changes to your settings.

For more information, see the official documentation:

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