WooCommerce payment settings

You can find payment settings in WooCommerce in the administration of your website under WooCommerce ›Settings› Payments . A window with pre-installed payment methods will open.

Nastavenie platieb vo WooCommerce

List of payments

We’ll start setting up payments in your payments list. You can enable or disable specific items here . Use the button in the Allowed column to do this. You can also edit them by clicking the Manage button.

WooCommerce nastavenie platieb
Payment settings

If you want to change the order of payment methods, you do so using the Drag & Drop function. Click Save Changes to save the reorder. In the order in which you set them, they will be displayed to customers when they make a purchase.

Payment settings – bank transfer payment adjustment

When you click the Manage button in the Direct Payment to Bank Account row, you’ll see a page to edit it.

WooCommerce bank transfer adjustment
Bank transfer adjustment

In the first line, you’ll find the ‘Allow bank transfer’ option. You can enable or disable bank transfer payments here.

Name, description and instructions

The Name line is the text that customers will see when paying. Similarly, they will see the text in the Description window. The description is a more detailed specification of the method of payment. You can edit these fields or simply leave a default fill.

The text you enter in the Instructions window will be added to your purchase thank you page and in your emails.

Enter account number

Fill in your account number in the last line of bank transfer payment settings. You can enter multiple accounts here or delete an account. The buttons below the line for the account number are used for this purpose.

Click Save to save your changes. You can return to the payments settings page either by clicking Payments at the top of the page or by clicking on the icon next to the subpage title of the Direct payment to bank account settings.

Cash on delivery adjustment

Payment settings also offer the option of setting up a cash on delivery payment. In the first line of the cash on delivery settings page, we again have the option to enable or disable payment for cash on delivery.

WooCommerce úprava platby na dobierku
Cash on delivery adjustment

Fill in the Name, Description and Instructions fields in the same way as for bank transfer payments.

Cash on delivery allowed for different delivery methods

You can enable cash on delivery for several delivery methods. In the Allow different delivery methods row, click in the empty window. You will see your transport options. You can select one or more of them.

The last line in the cash on delivery settings is to enable cash on delivery for virtual products . Check the box or leave it blank, depending on whether you want to allow cash on delivery for virtual products.

Cash on delivery price

WooCommerce does not allow you to set a cash on delivery fee. However, you can do this through the following plugins, for example:

Edit payments via PayPal

This payment method will allow your customers to pay through a PayPal account . You can also use PayPal payment settings to set up a payment card payment using PayPal.

WooCommerce payment adjustment via PayPal
PayPal payment adjustment

The first line again has the same option as the previous payment methods. You can enable or disable PayPal payment here. The other two lines are also very similar. You can keep the pre-filled text or edit it.

Notice the PayPal email line. If your email for this account is different from the email you use to manage your WordPress site, edit it.

PayPal Sandbox (testing) – This line is used to test the functionality of this payment method.

Error LogWooCommerce recommends using an error log only for the purpose of debugging PayPal payment settings.

WooCommerce nastavenia PayPal
PayPal settings

IPN Email Notifications – If you’d like to receive email notifications when your payment is refunded, canceled, or billed, check this box and verify that the email is correct in the next line.

PayPal token identification – you do not need to use an IPN to verify payments. You can set up the use of a security token. You can find the exact description of the procedure by placing the cursor on in this line.

Invoice prefix and delivery address – in the next fields you set the invoice prefix and delivery address. You choose a shipping or billing address.

Payment action – here you choose whether you want to authorize the payment first or capture the funds immediately.

Page Style – This field is optional. You can enter a page style name. You will find the names in your PayPal account.

Image URL – This field is optional. The image will be displayed on the PayPal checkout page.

Prihlasovacie údaje API
API credentials

API Login – The last part of the PayPal payment settings is the API login. This information is required to process payments via PayPal.

Other payment card payment options

If you do not want to use the settings for card payments via PayPal, you can also use another payment gateway that you purchase. For example TatraPay, GoPay, TrustPay or others. You can find suitable payment gateways for the WooCommerce e-shop on the platplatbrany.sk website.

Payment by check

We still have a check payment on the payments page, which is not widely used in our country. If you want to use it, you will fill in the individual fields similarly to previous payments.

For more information, see the official documentation: docs.woocommerce.com

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