Product categories in WooCommerce

You can group products in WooCommerce and add tags to them. Product categories you add using the tools on the Add New Product page.

Kategórie produktov vo WooCommerce

I explained the difference between categories and brands in an introductory article about adding a new product to the Woo site.

Product category assignment

You assign a specific category to the goods in the Product Categories window. You can find it on the right side of the page to add a new product. You can choose from the categories you have already created or create a new category.

WooCommerce product categories
Product category assignment

Create a new product category on the product page

To create a new category for a product, click on the link + Add new category . A window will open in which you will enter its name. You can also assign a new category to a parent category.

In my example, I created a category of short-sleeved t-shirts . The parent category for this category is T-shirts . To create a new category, click Add New Category .

WooCommerce vytvorenie kategórie produktu
Create a new product category

List of product categories

The new category can also be created in WooCommerce in other ways. In the e-shop administration, select Products ›Product Categories . On this page you will find a list of categories. You can create new categories here and manage categories as well.

WooCommerce zoznam kategórií produktov
List of product categories

Creating a new category

To create a new category, fill in the data on the left side of the page.

WooCommerce pridanie novej kategórie
Creating a new category

You have the following fields:

Name – enter the name of the category here.
Slug – category name without diacritics. Slug is used when creating a category URL. You don’t have to enter it, WooCommerce will create it for you.
Parent Category – In this row, you select the parent category for the category you are creating. If you are creating a main category that will not be overridden by another category, leave the None option selected.
Description – used for a concise description of the category. The description is only shown in some WordPress themes.
Display method – Select whether you want only products or only subcategories or both to be displayed in the product listing for that category.
Preview – If you want, you can select an image to serve as a category preview.

To add a new category, click the Add New Category button.

List of categories

On the right side of the screen you have a list of created categories. You can search for a specific category in the list or use bulk actions to delete selected categories. For each category, you will also find the number of products to which it is assigned.

WooCommerce list of categories
List of categories

When you hover over a specific category name, you’ll see links to edit, quickly edit, delete, and view categories, as well as a link to set the category as the default. You can adjust the order of the categories in the list using the drag & drop function.

Default category

One of the categories is set as the default. You can leave the Uncategorized category as the default category, or choose your own category. The default category cannot be deleted. The default category is automatically assigned to the item to which you do not assign a category when it is entered in WooCommerce .

For more information, see the official documentation:

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