Email settings in WooCommerce

In WooCommerce you can set up the sending of e-mails in the event of a change in the status of your customers’ orders or user account. The e-mail settings in WooCommerce also allow you to set which messages you want to send and the appearance of the e-mail messages themselves.

Nastavenia e-mailov vo WooCommerce

You can find email settings in the WooCommerce tools in your site administration under WooCommerce ›Settings .

E-mail settings in WooCommerce – list

On the e-mail page, you have a list of all e-mails that WooCommerce uses. In the table you can see which emails are allowed and who is the recipients. You’ll find a Manage button at the end of each line. This button takes you to the edit page for sending a specific email. You can also go to the edit email page by clicking on the email name.

WooCommerce email list
Email list

Order emails for the site administrator

The first three items in the list are emails that are sent to the site administrator. All relate to order status. They inform about the creation of a new order, cancellation of the order by the customer and about the failure of the order.

Emails for the e-shop customer

There are several types of e-mails intended for the customer. The first group concerns orders. You can send him the following information:

Order Suspended – An email is sent if the order has been suspended.
Order is being processed – This message is sent upon receipt of payment when the order is being processed.
Purchased Order – Dispatched when you mark an order as completed. This is usually when you send the goods.
Refunded order – sent when you mark the order as refunded, ie when the customer cancels the order and requests a refund.
Customer Comments – This email is sent to the customer when you add comments to the order. These can be notes about delays, for example.

The last email regarding the ordering process is:
Customer Invoice / Order Details – This email contains invoice or order details. In this case, automatic sending cannot be set. You must send them manually.

The last emails for the customer relate to their account. They are:
Password Reset – This email is sent to customers requesting a password reset.
New account – the message is sent when a new customer account is opened. Contains account information.

Email sender settings

E-mail settings in WooCommerce continue by setting the name and address of the e-mail sender, which will be displayed in the e-mails sent by your e-shop.

WooCommerce odosielateľ e-mailu
Email sender settings

Email template

The last part of the page is about setting up the appearance of the email itself.

WooCommerce šablóna email
Email template

Header Image – Paste the URL of the image that will appear in the email header here. For example, your logo is appropriate. Upload the image to your media library.
Footer text – Enter the text that will appear in the footer of the email. For example, e-shop contact information.
Base color – Select the color that the email header will have.
Background color – Choose the color of the rest of the page behind the body of the email.
Page background color – Select the background color for the message text.
Page text color – font color in e-mails.

Settings for sending a specific e-mail

Email settings allow you to customize the sending of a specific email. To edit, click the Manage button on a specific row. You will be taken to a page where you can edit the sending of a specific message.

WooCommerce nastavenie zasielania e-mailov
Setting up e-mail sending

In the first line, you can choose whether you want WooCommere to send this type of message. If you check the box in the Enable / Disable line, e-mail notification will be enabled and vice versa.

Next you will find the lines here:
Recipient (s) – Enter recipient addresses here, separated by commas.
The subject – here the text will be displayed in the e-mails – the example that is in the picture, this will be the new order number and date. Here you can change the text in the middle, ie the text between the codes. In my case, New Order.
Email header – the header is the text that will be displayed in the message header.
Email Type – You can set the format to html or plain text. I recommend leaving the default html setting.
HTML šablóna – in this line you can edit your html šablón u.

Click Save Changes to save your changes to your settings.

For more information, see the official documentation:

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