WooCommerce – import and export of products

WooCommerce offers import and export functions for product management. You can find tools for importing and exporting products in the e-shop administration.

WooCommerce import a export produktov

Import products in WooCommerce

When importing products into your e-shop, you need to go to the product list page. You can find it in the page administration menu under the Products option. At the top of the list, notice the three buttons: Add New, Import, Export.

After clicking on Import , you will see the following screen:

WooCommerce product import
Import of products

Click the Select File button to select the CSV files you want to import from your computer.

If you don’t have them stored on your computer but on a server, click the Show advanced options link.

WooCommerce import CSV from server
Advanced options for importing CSV from the server

You have the option to enter a file URL on the page. Insert it and click Continue .

WooCommerce product import
Map CSV fields to products

On the Map CSV Fields to Products page, you can change the data or keep the preset data. Finally, click Run Importer.

WooCommerce import produktov
Last product import page

In the last step of the import, you will see a message to see if the import was successful. After clicking the Show Products button, you will be redirected to the product list page. You will also find the products you have just imported in the list.

Export products in WooCommerce

To export products, click the Export button at the top of the product list page. On the product export page, you can choose which columns of the product list you want to export, as well as the option to select which type of products you will export.

Leave the default settings to export all products. Finally, click Generate CSV.

WooCommerce product export
Product export

Tip: If you need advanced content acquisition, I recommend the wpallimport plugin and wpallexport for exporting.

For more information, see the official documentation: docs.woocommerce.com

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