What is a permalink

Čo je to permalinkA permalink is a hyperlink to a page or article. Its name is derived from “permanent link”. It is a permanent link that does not change.

The permalink setting determines the URL structure for pages and posts on your site.

How to edit a permalink

The preset permaline structure for an article in WordPress is:

for the page is:

You can set the permalink display format in the administration of the Settings ›Permalinks page . You have several options to choose from. In terms of SEO optimization of the site, it is recommended to use the so-called friendly URLs. In this way, a specific page or article title can be displayed in the permalink. Thanks to the permalink set up in this way, the URL address will also tell the internet visitors a lot about the content.

WordPress permalink
Permaline treatment

You can edit the permalink of a specific post while creating or editing a post or page. You will find the permalink at the top of the screen under the title of the page or post. Clicking Edit next to the permalink will open a window for editing it. After making the changes, click OK . Changes are saved permanently after you save a draft, publish, or update a page or article.

More info: codex.wordpress.org

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