What is a slug

Čo je to slugA slug is a text portion of a URL that identifies an article, page, brand, or category.

It is usually formed from the name of a specific post, brand or category. Appears at the end of the URL.

How to form a slug

The slug is generated from the page title or post. It uses only lowercase letters. Each word is separated by a minus sign. For example, if we take the title of this article, it will look like this:


You need to use friendly URLs to optimize your site . Friendly URL slugs do not display any punctuation, spaces, or other special characters. The exact structure of the URL depends on the permalink settings.

Post slug editing

If the title of a page or other post is too long, you need to shorten it. Or you may want to use better-chosen keywords. To edit a service, go to the list of articles or pages and click on the name of a specific article / page.

WordPress úprava slugu
Article slug editing

Just below the title of the article you will find its permalink. When you click the Edit link, a window will open in which you can edit the slug. Don’t forget to click OK and save the changes to the post.

Edit a category or tag slug

Edit slug category
Edit slug category

To edit slug categories or tags, go to the category or tag list page. In both cases, you will modify the slug in the same way. We will explain this with the example of editing the slug category.

In the list of categories, click the name of a specific category . On the page that opens, find the line slug . Make the necessary changes and click the Update button. You can also edit it by clicking the Quick Edit link that appears when you hover over a category name.

Possible problems

If you want to edit slugs of already published articles to which links have already been created, it is better to leave it unchanged. Otherwise, the links may not work. You can resolve this issue if the links are on your site. In that case, they will need to be changed.

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