Traffic settings in WooCommerce

You can find traffic settings in WooCommerce in the administration of your website under WooCommerce ›Settings› Traffic . There are three functions for traffic settings: Traffic zones, Traffic settings and Traffic classes.

Nastavenie dopravy vo WooCommerce

Traffic zones in WooCommerce

Traffic settings allow you to set different traffic zones. A traffic zone is a specific geographical region. If you differentiate traffic zones by country, you will set a specific zone for each country to which you sell your goods.

You can also set up specific modes for each country. In the same way, you can differentiate zones based on zip codes and the like. WooCommerce displays the customer’s specific modes of transport according to his address.

WooCommerce zóny dopravy
Traffic zones

To edit a zone, click on the zone name or click on the link that appears when you hover over the zone name. You will also see a link to delete the zone.

Add a new traffic zone

To add a new traffic zone, click the Add Traffic Zone button. In the window that opens, you will fill in the individual fields. Also select a delivery method for each zone. By method of delivery we mean transport by courier, post, personal collection and the like.

WooCommerce pridanie zóny dopravy
Add traffic zone

Add and modify a delivery method

In the Delivery methods when creating a traffic zone section, click the Add delivery method button and fill in the appropriate fields.

WooCommerce delivery adjustment
Delivery adjustment

You can further customize each of the delivery methods. You’ll see an edit link when you hover over the delivery method name. Fill in the name and price of the delivery in the window that opens. Also choose whether the shipping cost is taxable. The shipping method name is the name that the customer will see when making a purchase.

And this is what the mode of transport looks like after adjustment:

WooCommerce spôsob doručenia
Modified delivery method

Remember to save all changes.

Traffic settings


Enable the calculation of the price of transport on the cart page – here you choose whether you want to enable the calculation of the price of transport on the cart page, where the customer checks the individual items of goods. Or the system will show the shipping prices in the next step of the order.

Don’t show shipping prices without entering an address – If you check this box, the customer will not see shipping prices until you enter an address. If you want the shipping prices to be visible at the checkout before entering the address, leave this field blank.

Delivery address

In this part of the page you choose which customer address is decisive for the traffic calculation .

WooCommerce traffic settings
Traffic settings

Transport classes

Traffic settings also offer the option of creating different traffic classes. The transport class function is used in e-shops that sell goods of various weights and sizes.

These are, for example, e-shops with furniture, where some types of goods have an oversized size or weight that normal transport services do not carry. It is therefore necessary to create separate classes of transport for such consignments. You can then assign the added shipping class to a specific product.

WooCommerce triedy dopravy
Transport classes

To add a new transport class, click on Add transport class and fill in the empty fields. Then click the Save Transport Classes button.

WooCommerce adding transport class
Add a transport class

Transport class price

To enter the price of the newly created shipping class and assign it to a specific delivery method, go back to Traffic zones. Adjust the traffic for the zone to which the traffic class applies. In my example, I’m adjusting delivery to Slovakia. The following page will open:

Zóna dopravy Slovensko WooCommerce
Transport zone Slovakia

Click the Edit link that appears when you hover over the delivery zone name. On the page that opens, navigate to the delivery method affected by the change. In my example, I assigned a new transport class to Slovenská pošta. When you click on the Edit link under the name Slovenská pošta, the following window will open:

WooCommerce priradenie triedy dopravy
Transport class assignment

Here you will also fill in the price of transport. In the same way, you can assign a new transport class to other delivery methods.

For more information, see the official documentation:

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