WooCommerce – brand assignment to a product

You will find the necessary tools for assigning a tag to a product on the page for adding a new product in the administration of your WooCommerce e-shop . You assign brands to products for better customer orientation in the e-shop.

WooCommerce - priradenie značky k produktu

Brands group similar goods, resp. they describe him. There can be more than one brand (or tags) in one product. However, unlike categories, tags do not form a hierarchy. I explained the difference between categories and brands in the introductory article about adding a new product to the e-shop website: How to add a new product .

Brand assignment to a product

You assign a specific brand to the goods on the page to add a new product . On the right side of the page, find the Product Brands window. You can choose from the tags you have already created by clicking on the Choose from the most used tags link, or create new tags.

WooCommerce brand product tags
Product brands

Create a new product brand on the product page

To create a new brand, type the brand name in the blank field in the Product Brands window. You can also enter multiple new tag names at once. Separate each tag with a comma. Finally, click the Add button.

WooCommerce odstránenie značky tagu
Product brand removal

To delete a specific tag, click on the cross next to its name.

Create a brand on the product brand list page

You can also create tags on the tag list page. In the e-shop administration, select Products ›Brands . You will find a list of brands on this page. Here you can create new tags and also manage existing tags.

WooCommerce brand product tags
List and create product brands

Creating a new product brand

Name – fill in this field to create a new tag.
Slug – you do not have to fill in this window. Slug is used to create a URL tag. WooCommerce will create it for you.
Description – used to describe the brand. The description is only shown in some WordPress themes.

Click the Add New Tag button to complete the process of creating a new tag .

List of brands

On the right side of the screen you see a list of your brands in alphabetical order. You can search for a specific tag in the list or use bulk actions to delete selected tags. For each brand, you see the number of products to which the brand is assigned.

WooCommerce tags display tags
Product display

When you move the cursor over the name of a specific brand in WooCommerce , you will see lines for editing, quick editing, deleting and displaying the brand . The display link is used to display a list of products to which a specific brand is assigned on your site.

For more information, see the official documentation: docs.woocommerce.com

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