Product types in WooCommerce

There are several types of products available in WooCommerce . You will find the necessary settings when adding a new product to the e-shop page in the Product Data window.

Typy produktov vo WooCommerce

Where we set product types

At the top of the Product Information window is some data that does not belong to any tab. Here you set specific product types. In the Simple Product box, click the arrow at the end. You will see more options. We will now go through the individual product types in detail.

woocommerce general product details
Product details

A simple product in WooCommerce

A simple product can be physical and virtual goods as well as downloadable goods. These are goods that are sold separately.

Grouped product

Product types also include a grouped product. These are products that are grouped into a set. A grouped product cannot be purchased separately. The customer will only be able to purchase it as part of the set for which it is intended. Also, a clustered product cannot be a virtual or downloadable product. For my example, I chose the goods ironing foil for a t-shirt.

WooCommerce zoskupený produkt
Product data – grouped product

If you select the grouped product option, the product data window changes. You will not have a general data bookmark here. The first tab is the Warehouse tab.

Hiding the grouped product in the e-shop catalog

Since in this case it will not be a separate product in the e-shop product catalog, you must first hide it. Go to the Publish window in the upper right corner of the screen and click the Edit link in the Catalog Visibility: Business and Search Results row. You will see this offer:

WooCommerce product hiding in the catalog
Hiding a grouped product

Select Hidden . We will now return to the Product Data table.

Assignment of grouped products

In the Product Information window, open the United Products tab. In the Grouped Products window , select the product to which the grouped product belongs. In my example t-shirt iron-on-foil product, I chose the product white t-shirt. This will select all the products you want to group.

External / related product

Other types of products in WooCommerce are an external or related product. This is a product that is not offered by the e-shop, but is related to your goods. To add an external product to the e-shop page, select the External / Related Product option in the Product Data window. The product data entry table will change slightly.

WooCommerce external product
Product data – external product

Product URL – on the general product data tab you now have a window for entering the URL of the product. The URL will take the customer to a page where they will be able to purchase the goods.
Button text – the goods on your site will not be able to be added to the cart but a link with a link to another page. Fill in the text in this line with the button for purchasing goods.

WooCommerce externý produkt sklad
External product – warehouse

The Warehouse tab will also change from other data. For obvious reasons, you will not be able to manage the warehouse of this product.

Variable product

A variable product is a product that has several variants. It can be, for example, a T-shirt that is available in several colors. Thanks to the offer on the product page, the customer will be able to choose which color he wants to buy.

Data settings for a variable product

If you selected the Variable Product option in the top row of the Product Information window, you must first go to the Properties tab. Here you select one of the product properties you entered. I write about how to enter product properties in the article Product properties and advanced product settings.

To select a product property, click on the arrow in the User-specified product property window:

WooCommerce vlastnosti variabilného produktu
Selection of variable product properties

I chose black. Click the Add button. The following window will appear:

WooCommerce variable product features
Variable product -properties

To be able to use the product as a variable product, on the Properties tab, click the Used for variants box. Now the product will be displayed in the e-shop with available variants in another, in my example in black color. You can add other variants of the goods in the same way. Be sure to add a value for each variation and click the Save Properties button to save your changes.

Variable product – variant tab

For a variable product, you have one extra tab in the product data table. This is the Variants tab.

WooCommerce varianty variabilného produktu
Variable product variants

Here you choose to add variants one or more at a time. I chose one variant. After clicking on Execute , a window for filling in additional data will appear:

WooCommerce variant produktu
Data for product variants

Click on the Expand link here and fill in the individual fields: catalog number, price, discounted price, weight, dimensions, whether the product is in stock, shipping class, tax rate and others. You will find a more detailed description of the individual fields in the articles Adding a new product – general product and warehouse data and Product transport and related products in WooCommerce .

Virtual and downloadable products

Other types of goods that you can sell in your online store are virtual and downloadable products. If you sell any of these types of products, check the box at the top of the Product Information window, depending on the product.

If you check both boxes, both virtual and downloadable , these will be files such as e-books, mp3s and the like. If you only check the download option, it may be a download that is available for one of the products you are selling.

Data settings for virtual and downloadable products

Virtual Products – If you select the Virtual Products option, notice that traffic has disappeared from the product data tabs. The other tabs are the same.

WooCommerce produkt na stiahnutie
Product download – general information

Downloadable Products – If this is a downloadable product, the General Product Information window will change. Let’s look at the fields that will be different from other products. Fields that remain the same as for physical goods are described in the article Adding a new product – general information about the product and warehouse.

Downloadable files – here you enter the name and URL of the download files. After clicking the Add file button, the boxes for entering the file name and URL will appear.
Download limit – in this line you set how many times the customer will be able to download the goods. If you do not want to limit the number of downloads, leave this field blank.
Download expiration – this information determines after how many days the product download option expires.

For more information, see the official documentation:

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