WooCommerce – order modification

Editing an order in WooCommerce provides several editing options. To edit a specific order, click on its number in the list of orders. A page with its details will open.

WooCommerce úprava objednávky

On the order edit page, you will find information such as the date the order was created, its status, billing and delivery information, a list of ordered items and whether the customer was registered . This data can be edited.

WooCommerce order modification
Order modification

Order modification – address

Click the pencil icon to edit the addresses ceruzka in the upper right corner of the address. You can edit all items here. If you only have a billing address entered and need to copy it to a shipping address, click the Copy billing address link.

WooCommerce address editing
Edit address

Order status

Orders in WooCommerce are kept in the list of orders in a specific state from the moment of their creation (received, processed, waiting for payment, processed, canceled, refunded). Editing an order also includes the ability to change the status of the order.

List of order items

Below the data page you will find a list of ordered products. If necessary, you can add a new item (product, fee, postage, tax, postage), add a coupon or refund the order . You will find the buttons for the required functions below the list of order items.

WooCommerce položky objednávky
List of order items

Remove a product from the list of order items

For example, if you need to remove an item from an order and replace it with a new one, hover over the specific item. A small cross appears at the end of the line of goods krížik. Click on it to remove the goods from the order. WooCommerce will alert you that if you have previously reduced the number of items in stock, you will need to increase it manually.

Add a product to the list of order items

To add a product to the order, click the Add Item button below the list of order items . You will see new buttons. Click Add Product (s) . A window will appear in which you will start typing the product name. All you have to do is type a few initial letters.

Click Add to add the product to the order.

WooCommerce pridanie produktu do objednávky
Adding a product to an order

You can add other items to your order in a similar way. Click Recalculate to recalculate the order amount.

Edit order item

To edit an order item, hover over the specific item. A small pencil appears at the end of the line of goods ceruzka. After clicking on the pencil, you will be able to adjust the number of pieces, the price and add meta. Click Save to save.

Notes Order

On the right side of the page, you see the Notes Order window. These are notes created by WooCommerce . Here you will find, for example, notes on creating an order, changing its status and so on.

WooCommerce Notes Order
Notes Order

At the bottom of this window you have the option to insert your own note. This can be a customer note – this note will be added to the customer email notification. Or it could be your internal note . This will appear in the notes list above when pasted.

Permission to download files

You can also add your own fields on the order edit page, such as expiration date, total sale, and so on.

WooCommerce permissions to download files
Permission to download files

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find the last window where you can grant permission to download the files (you use this if you sell downloadable products).

For more information, see the official documentation: docs.woocommerce.com

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