What are shortcodes

Čo sú to shortkodyShortcodes are codes that make it easier to create the content of pages and articles. They are used when working in a text editor .

When you type these codes in a text editor, they look like text. However, the pages are replaced by the page content.

Shortcodes expand the content of the page with new features. You can recognize them by the parentheses in which they are written. You can use shortcodes to insert audio, a title, embedded content, an image gallery, a video, or a playlist.

What do image gallery shortcodes look like?

The shortcut for the image gallery will look like this:

This will insert an image gallery with ID numbers 117, 116, 119 and 118. This gallery will have four columns and will display medium-sized images. You can also create the same gallery by clicking the Add file button and selecting Create gallery in the left column of the window that opens.

More info about shortcodes can be found at: codex.wordpress.org .

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