What a summary

Čo je to zhrnutieAn excerpt or excerpt is called a brief summary of the content of an article on your site. It’s actually a brief demonstration of what the article is about.

It is especially useful in the archive, when searching for articles related to a specific topic or on the main page of your website.

Previews save site and site load time. Thanks to the demonstrations, the site visitor will view several topics at once. This will spend more time on your site

Summary – settings

To write a demo, you’ll need to click the Display Options feature at the top of the page to add a new article. In the menu, click the Summary box.

You will now see a window for writing a preview of the article below the main text of the post on the page for adding a new post . If you do not want to write samples, WordPress will generate an article snippet automatically. These are usually the first lines of an article.

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