What are the display options

Čo sú to možnosti zobrazeniaWordPress offers the ability to set the display of items on the page.

Screen options can be found in the upper right corner of the current page.

Use this feature to customize the page settings to suit your needs. You only see the fields you have selected.

How to use the display options feature

Clicking on Display Options opens a window for managing the current page. Each option varies depending on which page you are currently on. You can find others on the bulletin board page, others on the article list page and so on. In my example, we are on the page for creating and editing a page.

Set page display options
Set page display options

In the opened window you choose which fields are to be displayed. The default page options for creating and editing a page are page properties and an illustration image.

You can add other fields: custom fields, comments, slug and author. If you are viewing the page list, this feature allows you to add and remove columns in the page list.

This function also works on other administration pages on the same principle.

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