Beaver Builder – Review of this interesting WordPress builder

Beaver Builder is a tool for creating pages in WordPress. Like many other page builders, it uses drag and drop. Let’s take a closer look.

Beaver Builder recenzia

Why use WordPress builder

When creating a page, of course, you choose the topic that suits you best. If you find in the web design process that its features don’t exactly fit your needs, you don’t need to change it. Add the appropriate plugin to the required functions.

Beaver Builder is such a plugin. It will help you create a page block by block in real view. And you will be able to use any layout on individual pages of the site. You also get the opportunity to use your own colors and styles. In addition, users appreciate the many other features and its ease of use. You can use WordPress intuitively even if you are a beginner in web design.

Lite plugin version

In the basic version , which is quite sufficient for normal use, you will install it for free . For more complex functions such as creating a mega menu, automatically loading another post and many new pre-prepared šablón , you can purchase a paid version.

What Beaver Builder contains

Beaver Builder contains more than 30 page šablón . Individual designs are adapted to the needs of business, blog or large companies. It also contains many šablón for individual web pages. Such as the contact page, newsletter subscription and the like. It is compatible with all WordPress themes and fully responsive. This way, the display of your site will also be adapted to mobile devices.


In addition to the useful features mentioned above, this page builder has many other advantages :

  • It is compatible with many šablóna me and plugins.
  • You can edit all text content directly on the active screen . This will make it easier for you to write new but also edit existing content.


  • The free version is truncated by a number of functions compared to the version.
  • Higher price for versions.

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Setting up this plugin

If you want to use this plugin, you will need to install it first. You will find the exact procedure in my article What is a WordPress plugin? How to install it?

Beaver Builder is preset to create new pages. You can also use it when writing posts. In this case, go to Settings> Beaver Builder . Here you will find the option Post Types . To use the plugin when creating posts, click the appropriate box and save your changes.

How to create a page in Beaver Builder

To create a new page, go to Pages in the administration menu> Add New.

Add new page Beaver Builder
Add a new page

Select Launch Beaver Builder from the menu displayed in the box. You will see the following page:

Beaver Builder edit page
Creating a page

Here you can create pages in real view. To the right are the individual tools. If you want to hide them so you can see the whole page, click on close. You insert individual elements from the menu in the menu by grabbing them. For example, you can insert a picture. A window for inserting it will appear. Here you select an image and set its parameters. Finally, click Save at the bottom of the window.

Beaver Builder insert photo
Insert an image

You enter the page layout similarly. In the tools menu, go to Rows.

Beaver Builder rows
Layout options

Choose the layout that suits you from the menu and drag it to the page. You can combine the individual layouts as you wish.

Beaver Builder grid layout
Page layout selection

To add text or other content, such as widgets, grab them from the Modules menu and paste them where you want. In my example, I want to insert text on a page.

Beaver Builder insert text
Insert text

You type the text in the text editor window. You have all the features you are used to. In addition, you can select the resolution here or also insert an image, audio or video. Click Save to save the changes again.

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How to edit sections of a page

You can further edit individual modules or blocks. When you hover over any part of the page, you’ll see the available features.

Beaver Builder move allows you to freely move individual blocks using the drug & drop function

Beaver Builder settings after clicking on this option, a window for setting the module properties will open (the individual available functions under this option are described below)

Beaver Builder duplicate click Duplicate to create an identical block on the page

Beaver Builder row actions here you will find options for adjusting the height and width of the row

Beaver Builder edit column here you will find options for adjusting the column such as height and width adjustment, duplication, relocation and the like

Beaver Builder remove clears the selected area

Setting module properties

Each module has different settings. However, the control principle is the same. We will explain this in the image settings. Click on Beaver Builder settingsabove the image. The window in which you inserted the image on the page will open. In addition to the basic General settings, you have two other tabs available here.

Style is a tab where you can choose image display properties such as panoramic, round, and so on. In addition, you set the alignment and width here.

The Advanced tab allows you to set borders and also select display options for individual devices and image animation.

💡 Tip for themes: From premium themes, I have good experience with themes Divi, Avada and with page builder Elementor.

Publishing a page

Click Done to save any changes you have made. You have several options in the upper right corner of the page. You can delete, save as a draft, or publish the page.

Conclusion of the review – my experience with this plugin

We went through the basic features offered by working with the Beaver Builder plugin . It has several advantages. It allows arbitrary layout of individual page elements, creation of complex grids and settings, directly in the live preview of the page.

Lovers of perfect design will be pleased with the number of styles available. You can also use all widgets and shortcodes. The advantage is its easy use. It does not cause problems even when changing the topic.

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