Entrust website creation to a freelancer or web agency?

Is there still a company, brand, non-profit or any other organization or person who doesn’t need a website? Ok, the exception confirms the rule and maybe the food “U Miliny” in the upper Šenkvice does not have a website. But what could happen if they had it?

The website is the center of our small online universe. However, there is a lot of waste in space. And we want to avoid that. How?

Deciding whether to entrust the creation of a website to a freelencer or an agency is not easy at all.

Get started with what you want at the beginning. Only then do you start looking for solutions. Will you entrust the creation of the website to an agency, or a freelancer or nephew of your high school friend? It will not be easy. This will require analysis. In this article, we’ll focus on the basic differences, advantages, and disadvantages of deciding who to entrust to your site.

freelancer alebo agentura

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Let’s put two websites on our table, a freelancer and a web agency. Let’s look for differences. You don’t see any, do you? Websites are basically the same. I often come across the fact that the websites of freelencers are much more sophisticated, more detailed and overall more representative than the websites of the agencies. In most cases, freelancers really care a lot about their websites. If a freelancer presents himself as an expert and a professional who can provide you with a comparable service to an agency, the website is his business card. Based on it, it can also be decided who will get the client more.

Freelancers generally have one big advantage. They have visibly lower costs than a web agency. They can set a lower price, which smaller clients in particular will certainly appreciate. Thanks to lower costs, they are able to work on a smaller number of projects, such as a web agency that has more employees.

Things to focus on: If you decide to work with a freelancer, you need to keep one thing in mind: freelancer = part-timer. This fact must be taken into account in several respects. You have to answer the questions: Will the freelancer provide you with a service like an agency? Will the freelancer be available in case of further questions or ambiguities?

What you need is a consistent solution and intuition to help you make the right choice among the frelancers who is capable and who understands what you want. There are often problems here. It is extremely important that you know what you want. Only in this way will either the freelancer or the company be able to hand over the project to you without you having a small heart attack.

A real freelancer will go through the project with you, he will truthfully comment on it and recommend a solution. This is a good sign that you have come across the right person and not just another amateur. On the other hand, be smart if the freelancer offers you all-inclusive offers that are strikingly reminiscent of a supermarket flyer. Don’t be afraid to ask. For example, how many projects he is currently working on, how long he will be working on yours, whether he is able to provide you with support…

Web agency:

If you decide to entrust your project to an agency, you will have to count on a higher price in the first place. Arrange a face-to-face meeting in the process of deciding whether it is an agency or a freelancer.
Communicate the project, and if you find common ground and an idea of what the site might look like in the end, you can have a successful collaboration.

The agency is able to provide you with a great designer, coder, developer, photographer or copywriter. In addition, a project manager is available to you more or less non-stop, with whom you can handle all expected and unexpected situations. You consult with him about ideas about the website, annoy him with constant changes, etc.… Several people work on your website at the same time. This allows for faster solutions and more flexibility throughout the job.

freelancer alebo agentura

Things to keep in mind: The Agency is often involved in large projects. In this case, however, pay attention to what role the agency played in the large project. The logo of a large company on the agency’s website doesn’t say that much. An agency is a more suitable solution for larger companies and projects that require a lot of work and time. Such projects often have a higher budget, which must be taken into account at the web agency.

Don’t forget that you can create a website yourself. There are a number of step-by-step instructions to guide you through WordPress.
If you don’t want to spend a lot of time searching online, there are various WordPress courses that will be happy to teach you. Courses are standardly graded from beginners to courses for professional encoders.

It is not possible to answer clearly which option is better. It is also not clear that the freelancer will have less time for your project or that he is not as responsible for the job as the agency. It would also not be fair to say that agencies are overpriced. Everyone has a choice. It is important to know what you need. You will also be able to communicate much better on the other side. Have a time and financial limit set. Don’t forget to google references and find out how satisfied clients are with their work.

I hope this little comparison will help you make a decision. 🙂

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