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Making money on your site is not as difficult as it might seem. I personally started in Mr. 2008 on WordPress sites, where I had 5 articles, a free template, AdSense and more than 80% CRT. Today, it is no longer as easy as in well-primitive search engine optimization. But let’s take a look at how to do it and how to do it great with WordPress.

When you manage to install WordPress, you are already a web developer junior

It’s ridiculous, but 10 years ago the “run” website with administration, not the Front Page or hard HTML, was not quite easy. The hostings cost more than the mineral water in Eurovea and it was necessary to turn around. At the time, “installing” really meant something. Today it means one click in the hosting administration. It often costs less than € 1 a month, which makes me cry.

That is why today a slightly smarter chicken can “make the web”, which is enough to sprinkle the grain with grain in the right constellation.

Making money on the web

I also cry because of how easy it is today. Just growl and make money. Well, let’s get to that miracle affiliate marketing. We distinguish between publishers, ie those who publish, such as bloggers, magazines, etc. On the other hand, advertisers who sell something and want sales. Unexpected.affiliate marketing

The ad is sold online at:
  1. Impressions – So someone will see your banner somewhere, maybe click on it and maybe buy
  2. Clicks – so someone will see your banner somewhere, click on it and maybe buy
  3. Promotions – so someone will see your banner somewhere, click on it and definitely buy

The smarter ones already understand that the most effective way for an advertiser is to pay commissions for completed transactions. It is also fair. When you bring in a paying customer, you have a commission. Not bad.

Technically, it works by getting an “affiliate link” that contains parameters that record that you sent a visitor.

For example:


521a17c4b88d1 is the parameter by which the system knows that it is “your man” and if he buys, the commission and life in the Bahamas is yours.

Publishers will find multiple WordPress plugins to work with affiliate campaigns, but my opinion is that it is best to work with a “raw” link. On the other hand, advertisers can add their own affiliate program to their WordPress e-shop, for example via a plugin AffiliateWP .

Where to get affiliate campaigns

Of course, not every e-shop or website has an affiliate campaign. In practice, we distinguish 2 possibilities of program operation:

  • A standalone affiliate program
  • Affiliate network with multiple programs

Each of the solutions has its pros and cons. In a separate solution, the campaign is separate, unexpected. One drop one eshop, one login. As part of a standalone program, an affiliate manager is usually available to take care of it. It is someone directly from a company, such as an e-shop. So he can deal with things quickly and possibly put them out.

There are multiple campaigns available within the network, from multiple advertisers. Earnings are aggregated and you have it as a publisher “under one roof”. The downside is that commissions are often lower than standalone programs and the affiliate network manager does not have a direct impact on running the e-shop.

Bulletproof tips for using affiliate campaigns with WordPress

A lot of people tell you what to do, but I’ll tell you what you don’t have to. I’ll save you time. But you have nothing at all 🙂

  1. Don’t solve banners – banners in the affile don’t work very well.
  2. Solve direct hyperlinks – directly from the text, refer specifically to the products. That makes sense.
  3. Try the XML catalog – a beautiful XML catalog can be made via WordPress. There is even a great deal to it video and article How to import XML into WordPress .
  4. Try multiple campaigns – Don’t resign. If one campaign doesn’t work for your target, try another. There are a lot of them available.
  5. Educate yourself – last year we launched the Super Affiliate Academy coursewhich is completely free and we will even send you a free book whenever you want. No conditions, just out of love for affili :).

Here you go. Affiliate campaigns are extremely easy to use. Combined with WordPress, which handles creating and editing a website very easily, you are the only article missing. Publish, get readers, and recommend something to reward you.



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