5 Steps To Being Successful On Instagram

The number one topic in this area has (at least) been Instagram Marketing in my area. We have known about the possibility of paying for advertising on Facebook for a long time. Instagram also recently offers this option. It is the fastest growing social network in 2014.

On the web we find a number of case studies on how to do effective marketing on Instagram. An interesting and inspiring article worth reading draws attention to a case study from National Geographic magazine. He talks about how Instagram engagement has increased by up to 20%. This resulted from a comparison of the same posts on similar social networks (Instagram and Twitter).

To start doing business on Instagram, take a look at the following steps.

Create an account and name it appropriately

Your name on Instagram is a way that potential followers will be able to find you on this social network and remember you. Your account name should be concise and easy to remember. It’s easier to find a RowBow account like _BowtieFashion87.

Find your own style

Let me explain this with a simple visual example. Check out your BlueMint Instagram account. What do you see?


Blue everywhere, swimwear, sea, beach and of course LOGO brands. It’s all part of a thoughtful brand identity. At this point, I want to go back on vacation. I also want to buy a swimsuit when I am lying in a blanket by the fireplace and 5 von outside. There is never enough swimsuit. I’ll tell ya. You tap “follow” and you quickly get used to the fact that photos with these features will in most cases belong to the BlueMint brand and its Instagram account.

So create your own idea, your own style, be original and do your business with passion. Many successful accounts have gained fame due to the fact that their accounts mainly include cars, watches, animals, beautiful places and beautiful women. People generally like to look at everything nice.

Share quality content

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The first account has more followers, more posts and less engagement. Why? Because content matters. Most people (probably you too) are tired of having an Instagram account adding 10 posts a day. In several cases, at least 7 of them still have little in common with a particular account. The value of similar contributions is falling sharply daily. Images become spam and the only thing you get is “unfollow”. People want to see real people, real stories, products and emotions. Think about what you fast and when you fast. It can take from a few hours to a whole day to make a quality post. Remember that your time and creativity are the most valuable assets.

Share quality photos

Focus on high-quality, large-sized, high-resolution photos. If your business is based on visuality, then make the photos even more important. Don’t go to the store right away to buy an SLR. Current trends say that photos taken with a mobile phone are more successful. Complete the power of the photos with suitable and attractive hashtags. Try to use English more than Slovak. This will also get your content to foreign users. In particular, try to maintain consistency with the photos you add.

Follow trends and competition

Get the most out of Instagram. See what kind of posts your fans respond to the most. Competitive analysis helps to more easily develop a strategy for the whole communication. It is also popular to create sections in the content section, ie whether you share any tips, inspirations or advice.


When planning to share posts, create a so-called publishing calendar. Prepare a few posts in advance before you start an Instagram account. Think about what you want to share, and most importantly, how it should all have an effect. The useful tool “Zoomsphere” will help you with the planning. Schedule your posts calmly for the whole month in advance, thanks to Zooomsphere they will be published automatically and you don’t have to think about them.
Worse than any communication is just irregular communication. You can communicate less often, but regularly.

Harness the power of hashtags

What hashtags you use plays an important role in the success of the post. Stick to the proverb less is sometimes more. The ideal number of hashtags is said to be 2. However, the two hashtag tactics work better if you have a large army of followers. In any case, don’t overdo it with hashtags. Try to fit in 8. More than 10 hashtags are considered spam. Adding hashtags directly to the comment may prove to be a solution.

In general, however, more engagement is achieved by photos that look something like this:

  • #nofilter is the best filter
  • cool colors
  • higher brightness
  • not too bright colors

Selling through Instagram is difficult, but not impossible. Yes, if you reach level 10k it’s easier. There are always chances to increase sales. Hard starts don’t have to last long as you try. Success will definitely come.
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