7 Ways To Make Money Blogging

Many people today need to find a job that they enjoy and that really makes sense. They no longer enjoy sitting in the office for 8 hours a day and doing something just for the money. They want to realize themselves, they want to make full use of their strengths and do what fills them and makes them happy. As if they became more and more aware that they devote a large part of their lives to work and do not want to waste it. One of the ways to combine employment with a hobby is to make money by blogging, as Aleš Tvrdý, for example, does with his Photo and Traveling blog. It is certainly not an easy and fast way, but the reward will be the joy of work, maximum flexibility and legs in slippers.


If you haven’t set up your blog yet, important zero steps are waiting for you. If you already have your blog, you can skip to the first point.

Of course, you need to create a blog. The choice of topic is also related to this. I do not recommend choosing a topic according to possible earnings. Choose a topic that you have a relationship that you enjoy, in which you will be happy to learn. Otherwise, writing will quickly bore you. Some topics interest readers more and some less. However, it is much more beneficial to have a perfect blog about fishing than an below-average blog on technical news. Choose a topic that is your heartbeat, what you like to do or what you are a specialist for. People peek very quickly when you write about something that is not your passion.

If you want to have a blog that will earn you, it is more than recommended to pay for your hosting instead of setting up free blogs. Having your own domain opens up a much wider range of options.

We strongly recommend WordPress to create and manage your site , which is simple, free and you can create a beautiful page full of functionalities.

Here … you can start writing and building your reading base. Traffic is key when making money. Of course, the better the vac, the better. Be sure not to forget about social media, which will help you a lot in building a business. On the one hand, they ensure the supply of visitors, but it is also a space for advertising activities.

Let’s take a closer look at how blogging will increase your account balance:

1. Advertising networks

Ad banners that you see on websites are often the fault of ad networks. This works, for example, by saying that you would like your sidebar to focus on advertising. You offer this space on your site to ad networks that place an ad on the space. Subsequently, for each click of the visitor you get money. This ad is displayed differently to readers. It may or may not be related to the topic of your blog. Sometimes it is focused on the reader. There will be a product that is likely to appeal to him based on his interests. Alternatively, the product / topic he searched for in the past. This means that a stroller ad can be displayed on your cooking blog. If you don’t have an internal problem with this, you can use ad networks like Google Adsense, AdThrive, Amazon Associates, Media.net, and more.
Warning! Definitely don’t overdo it with ads! Such sites are very annoying for visitors.

reklamne siete

2. Direct advertising

The way to have more control over the ads on your blog is to work with specific companies. You can choose which banner ads appear on your blog and create a bid. If your site has good traffic, companies are likely to reach out to you. These are mostly PR agencies. However, the opposite is also true, you can address companies. They will mostly be interested in traffic or the number of fans on social networks. You should have a radar in you that will flash when you get an offer on a completely unrelated topic. Don’t nod at everything.



3. Affilate links

Many companies offer various affiliate programs. The whole charm is that you place a link in the text and earn for each visitor’s click or execution of an action (purchase, registration, etc.). For example, you are writing an article about how much you liked the book you last read. You can link the title of the book to the e-shop that offers the affilate program. When a reader buys a book after clicking on the link, you get your share. Affilate programs can be found on the websites of many companies. If the company does not have such a program, you can offer it to you. One of the biggest programs is Amazon Affiliates. You can also use affiliate networks that have access to the programs of many companies. These are, for example, Shopher Media and Share Sale.

4. PR articles

From time to time, you can write an article on your blog recommending a company’s product. She will pay you for the article. Maybe a company will give you such an offer, but it can also be the other way around and you will contact the companies. There is one trick to starting such a form of cooperation. Occasionally write a free article about a product you are happy with. Then, when you ask for cooperation, you will be more interesting for companies. But don’t get sold out. Don’t promote products you don’t trust just because they pay you for it. Also, make sure that the articles adhere to the topics of your blog.

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5. Barter shop

The reward for publishing an ad doesn’t have to be just financial. In the past, it was milk for eggs. Now it’s a product advertisement. Many companies prefer you to offer their product, which you will then mention on the blog or on social networks. Ultimately, this can also save you money. For the company, this means very cheap marketing. If you are looking for a new product related to the topic of blogging, first try to contact the company to see if they will exchange it for promotion on the blog. Many times they will at least give you a discount. You can promote it in all of the above ways.



6. Freelance writing

After spending some time blogging, you will become an expert on your topic and your writing skills will also improve many times over. You can start writing for others and use your blog as a portfolio. This way you can reach various other blogs, magazines, online magazines, etc. You may have to write free of charge at the beginning, but for a link to your blog, but after a few articles, feel free to ask for a reward.

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7. Own products and services

Why should you help sell only to others when you can also yourself? You can still offer your own products and services on your blog. You may find this too complicated. However, try to start by selling an online book, for example. If your blog has already become a good brand, you can sell products with the logo. After years of writing, you are likely to become a specialist in the subject. You can therefore try to offer consulting services.

We have 7 points to earn from blogging. I hope you succeed and maybe one day blogging will become your only income. Keep in mind, however, that advertising never needs to be overdoed, and try to keep your blog’s topics. If you know any other way, do not hesitate to write it in the comment. Also, if you have any experience you want to share, write. Good luck and money! 🙂

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