Collabim – the most used SEO tool in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Review)

Collabim is a tool for searching and analyzing keywords, link building and on-page SEO. Read the review of this tool.

Collabim review

SEO as such is a complex industry that includes an incredible amount of activities – from keyword analysis, through building external links to monitoring the performance of your site in the Google search engine.

Fortunately, nowadays there are SEO tools like Collabim that will help you with these activities and save literally hundreds of hours of time.

In the following lines, I have therefore prepared a review of the Collabim tool for you along with its advantages, disadvantages, price offers, etc.

What is Collabim?

Collabim is an SEO tool that helps you optimize your site for web search engines like Google.

With it, you can measure the positions of selected keywords for Google, monitor PPC ads, track the positions of competing websites as well as check backlinks on pages .

Collabim was created in 2011 by SEO specialist Jiří Koutný – it was created as a side project alongside his career and has since evolved into a comprehensive tool that is popular throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Why is Collabim worth using?

Collabim – like any SEO tool – saves web administrators a lot of time , as it can automatically search and process data that you would otherwise have to do manually.

Whether it’s searching and analyzing keywords, checking the SEO optimization of your site or looking for link building opportunities, Collabim can generate an enormous amount of data for you to work with in just a few clicks.

As such, Collabim can cover a wide range of web users with different needs – whether they are complete beginners in the field of SEO, freelancers, e-shops, small blogs, but also large marketing agencies, etc.

What features does Collabim offer?

Collabim focuses on several sectors in the field of SEO. Its interesting features include, for example:

  • Keyword position measurement
  • Control of PPC ads
  • Analysis of on-page elements on the pages
  • Spying on competing websites
  • Backlink check
  • One-time analyses
  • Holy Grail
  • Finding link building opportunities
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Encouraging teamwork
  • Archiving of established projects
  • Analysis of personalized results in the Google search engine

Now let’s take a look at the most important features that Collabim can provide you.

1. Measuring the position of selected keywords

Among the basic functions of the Collabim tool is checking and analyzing the positions of your pages for selected keywords.

Keyword measurement is one of the important aspects of SEO – in order to know how you and your site are doing in Google, you need to know where your site actually ranks for those keywords.

Collabim can help you with this problem quickly and easily: in addition to the positions of your URLs for the selected keywords, it will also show you the monthly searches for the given keywords and compare your positions with the positions of your competitors .

In addition, this tool can also perform a basic keyword search, thanks to which you will be able to find new opportunities for creating and optimizing your content on the web.

Collabim - overview of keywords

2. Control of PPC ads

In addition to SEO, Collabim will also help you find out who is advertising PPC ads for selected keywords.

However, the control of PPC ads does not only apply to the Google search engine, but also to the Seznam search engine – in its case, you can also look at the tags that the competition uses for them.

3. Site analysis

In addition to the basic analysis of keywords and PPC ads, Collabim also offers a simple control of HTML elements – title tags, H1 headings, meta descriptions, as well as control of the content itself on the pages .

Although this is a relatively simple feature, with it you can quickly and easily find basic SEO errors on your pages and quickly fix them.

In addition to on-page elements, Collabim can also check the loading speed of your pages , along with potential errors when redirecting pages to other IRLs.

Collabim - on-page review and suggestions for optimization

4. Spying on competing websites

One of the more interesting features of Collabi is checking competitor websites in search engines.

In just a few clicks, Collabim can compare the positions of your pages with the positions of your competitors ‘ pages, thanks to which you will quickly get an overview of whether you are better than other pages or whether you need to make certain improvements.

5. Searching for link building opportunities

In Collabim, there is also an automatic search for external backlinks from pages that are similar to yours.

Whether it’s links from blogs, listservs, or forum groups, Sitefinder helps you find sites that you could potentially do link building with .

Collabim - backlink opportunities

6. Checking backlinks

Guarding backlinks manually is a rather difficult and messy job, especially if you buy links and hundreds of external websites link to your site.

Collabim can help you with this problem as it checks the activity of each external backlink and its functionality at regular time intervals.

In the event that a certain backlink stops working and an external website stops linking to you, Collabim will simply notify you of the problem .

This feature is especially useful in the case of purchased links, as you can have a constant overview of your purchased links and their value to your website.

Collabim - backlink checker

7. The Holy Grail

The holy grail is a special feature from Collabi that can analyze competing websites and the keywords they appear for in Google search.

Thanks to the simple insertion of any website, you will get a lot of interesting data about the keywords for which the given website is displayed, together with its positions on them, but also other useful data such as e.g. active PPC ads of the given website.

The magic of this function is quite clear – the Holy Grail will help you find gaps in the content on your website, or it will help you find out which relevant keywords you are not yet showing up for compared to your competition.

The Holy Grail is, so to speak, the “pearl” of Collabi, as it brings with it many opportunities to optimize your website better.

Collabim - The Holy Grail

8. Bonus features

In addition to the aforementioned SEO functions, Collabim also offers several useful “small” bonuses in its tool:

  • One-time analytics – with this feature, you can get an overview of the search for any number of keywords with one click, along with additional keyword suggestions.
  • One-click report – after your comprehensive analysis, Collabim can create a clear report with all the data you need (e.g. traffic, positions in the Google search engine, backlink data, etc.)
  • Support for team collaboration – Collabim allows you to share an account between multiple users of the tool, along with settings for access to specific projects, or it can provide certain members with only “reading” mode.
  • Importing and exporting data – the tool itself can be connected to other SEO tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which will give you more flexibility when importing data into Collabim.
  • Project archiving – in case you are about to start a new project, you don’t have to delete the old one right away! Collabim can archive any previous project and pause all the measurements you made on it. In case you need to return to an old project, you can activate the archived website and its data again (and especially at any time).

Price list of the Collabim tool

Although Collabim is a professional SEO tool, its price packages cover all SEO target groups of people and their needs – from complete beginners with a small “budget” to large marketing agencies.

Collabim comes with 8 price packages , each of them with its price and options offers advantageous services even for the most demanding:

Price list of the Collabim tool

The cheapest package FREE is really free and offers for beginners the measurement of up to 150 keywords per 1 project, display of average web positions for given keywords, registration and control of backlinks as well as one-time analyses.

As the price increases with each additional package, the maximum number of measured keywords, the number of projects you can own and the amount of credits you can spend per month also increase.

How to use Collabim

Collabim is quite easy to use from the user’s point of view – before using this tool, of course, you have to register.

Whether you plan to switch directly to one of Collabi’s paid packages or want to try its free 14-day version first, registration is very easy – it can literally be completed in a minute.

After filling in the data and registration, you will receive a confirmation email to your email address and you can go directly to the tool.

Collabim registration

The first step after registration you need to do is to enter your domain URL and choose your language (along with a few other details).

You can then go to all available functions from Collabi:

Collabim domain registration

During a new registration, Collabim will offer you keywords that may be relevant for your website – if you have already selected the keywords yourself, you can of course skip this step and enter your keywords manually in Collabim .

In the initial menu, you have all the functions available with one click – after clicking on your project, you can take a better look at the overview of your keywords, tracking the competition or your links and link building.

Collabim main menu

Although the initial menu may seem too complex at first, you will get used to its intuitive navigation quite quickly – practically every function has its own tab, which is already divided into individual items.

A special item that may be of interest to you is the so-called Collabim index – a relative value that will show you the increase or decrease of monthly traffic according to the current measurements of your keywords .

Collabim index

The main benefit of this little item is that you immediately get a general overview of how your pages are doing for the keywords you want to appear for in Google.

Collabim also offers its own WordPress plugin – widget that will help you display important data directly in the administration of your website. However, this plugin has not been updated for a long time, so I do not recommend installing it.

Collabim Tool Rating (Pros and Cons)

Collabim is a very solid tool, which in some areas has no problem competing with giants in the field of SEO such as Ahrefs or Semrush.

Thanks to its functions such as the Holy Grail or one-time analysis, it also offers something that differentiates itself from other competitive tools.

However, one small minus is its interface, which is not very “user-friendly” for everyone – because of its large amount functions, which are already displayed in the initial menu, can sometimes seem a bit chaotic and not everyone can comfortably navigate this tool.

On the other hand, Collabim compensates for such small shortcomings with its prices – just the fact that it also offers a free version of its services together with advantageous packages in the price/performance ratio indicates that it is suitable for practically any target group of people who are interested in SEO they specialize.

Bargain prices in packagesNot a very “user-friendly” interface
Free 14 day trial package
Holy Grail
Comprehensive SEO functions
Collabim index

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