What is WordPress multisite

Čo je to WordPress multisiteWordPress multisite is a group of multiple sites that share the same WordPress installation and hosting . This means that you have one hosting, one WordPress installation but several websites .

This solution is useful, for example, if you have a shipping company with multiple regional offices and you want each of them to have its own site for its region. Each page has its own content, posts and users. However, they have the same WordPress theme and plugins used.

With this solution, you only need to perform theme and plugin updates in one place. Managing a site is a bit easier than having to do all this on each site separately.

Administrator for WordPress multisite

In addition to site administrators , WordPress multisite also needs one super admin. Super admin has access to the content, updates and settings of all grouped sites . Administrators can only manage their own site.

Tip in conclusion: check out this tutorial on how to run WordPress multisite on WebSupport hosting .

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