7 most common lies about WordPress

According to statistics, 26% of websites account for WordPress. Apart from this information, there are still a lot of people who know very little about WordPress, or their information is distorted. On the one hand, it’s natural, we get a lot of it. However, not everything on the Internet is true and not every piece of information you hear is true. And then all those misunderstandings arise.

I’ve put together the most common opinions and statements about WordPress that people have heard, but they belong in exactly that box – untrue.

1.WordPress is for bloggers after all

This is information about WordPress that  I hear perhaps most often. Maybe it has a justification. WordPress is a CMS system on which you can create your website without mastering coding languages. Simply use themes  šablóny , modules and widgets dobre Well, of course, it’s not that simple. You will need a little skill and knowledge to do this. However, WordPress is very flexible and offers a number of really nice, already coded themes. Just choose. The average user, who knows the Internet and computer technology on average, can create his WordPres blog without major problems or without spending half his life and a thousand and one sleepless nights creating it. However, not only blogs work on WordPress. They are not even in most compared to other types of sites. On WordPress you can build a regular website, e-shop, online magazine… Options and categories are from the invention of the world.


2.WordPress is not secure

WordPress is secure and that is one of the reasons for its popularity. It is an open source system, which means that its code is available online. Malware or DDOS attacks are common on websites. But these attacks don’t just happen with WordPress. If you want to keep your site safe, there is one more piece of advice. All you need to do is secure your website and update it regularly. But a strong password alone is not enough. It will take a little more work. Read everything you need to keep your WordPress site protected .


3.WordPress is for beginners

I often come across the opinion that WordPress is especially suitable for beginners, because you don’t have to know CSS, HTML or programming when working with it. However, this is not entirely true. WordPress is easy to use for beginners who have no programming experience, but it is also used by large companies. However, you can’t avoid encoding with a large site and a site that you want.

4.WordPress does not support e-commerce

It is not true that WordPress does not work with credit cards and payment gateways. On the contrary, it offers a number of modules, thanks to which you can create your e-shop and run it in comfort. The most common is the WooCommerce module. You can also choose from several payment gateway options.


5.WordPress support is very limited

I’ve met with a few opinions from people who have heard that since WordPress is free, they can’t expect any extra reliable support. It is true that WordPress is open source, but it does provide support. WordPress has a huge active community of volunteers who help translate new versions, work on modules, topics, answer forum questions, and more. There are also a number of companies that work with WordPress and will be happy to help you.

6.WordPress is free and its quality is low

WordPress is not developed by a small team of developers. WordPress is developed by a global community that consists of individuals, small and large companies. WordPress is still a few steps ahead of any other open source system. He also enchanted large companies such as CNN, Microsoft, Adobe, The New York Times and many others.

WordPress org temy

7. Most WordPress sites look similar

This is another common and misinformation. The thousands of themes that WordPress offers are free. However, this does not mean that they will look the same. Each topic is adaptable enough. WordPress also offers so-called premium themes, which it offers at symbolic prices. For themes, you can change the background color, add a logo, or otherwise customize your website.

How many of these statements have you encountered? Do you know any other statements that I did not mention? Share with him in the comments 🙂

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