Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Contact Forms

We probably don’t have to imagine the contact form. Each of us must have met at least one of their countless. We will fill in some contact form without any problems in a few seconds, while we complain about how long it is and that we therefore do not want to fill it in or, worst of all, we will not fill in the contact form at all. Mostly either because it is too long and full of a lot of insignificant or too confidential questions for us.

We will probably agree that filling in the contact form is not pleasant, unless we have a special interest in it. Which most of us don’t have. Well despite how many negatives of the contact form I have now listed it on your site you need. Let’s make a lesser evil out of the contact form and tell us a few tips on how not to scare the customer right from the start. In addition, let’s take a look at what contact forms WordPress offers us.

Perhaps the best known and most used, often referred to as the best, most logical, etc. form is well known Contact Form 7. But is this contact form with the mysterious number 7 a real alpha and omega of contact forms in the WordPress world?
Of course not. Let’s take a look at several alternatives and find the top 5 contact forms for 2015.

Contact Form 7

The fact is that this contact form is still number 1 among the forms. We don’t have to discuss that. Therefore, I think he has the privilege of being included among the 5 in my list of TOP 5 contact forms. 7 will give you access to the next section on the WordPress board called “Contact”. In this section, you can create new forms and edit existing ones.

Working with the contact form is relatively simple.
What you get is an interface based on HTML tags. You just have to be careful not to spoil the structure.


The result should look something like this:


Pirate Forms

The reason why I included this contact form in the list is in its absolute simplicity. Pirate Forms is currently probably the easiest contact form on the market.

One of the main problems with contact form modules is that they force you to create a contact form yourself. On the one hand, it’s good because you can create multiple forms of contact forms this way, but on the other hand, it’s often unnecessary.

If you want a simple contact form, why should you do anything other than simply activate the module and choose where you want a particular form to appear on the page. This is exactly the philosophy of Pirate Forms.

You can choose from three ways you want your contact form to be displayed (the easiest way is via shortcode:
After you place the shortcode in the content of any page, your form will look something like this:
You also have settings for editing the field, label, message… For greater security, the module integrates reCAPTCHA.

Ninja Forms

This contact form is one of those that offer several features that increase the overall functionality of the contact form. You can use it to create a subscription form, for various surveys or anything else that can be filled out via the web form.

Its creation is also relatively easy. You start by going to “Forms” and choosing “Add new”. Here you get to use a simplified drag-and-drop interface. If you want to add a field to the form, you’ll need to click on a specific field type. Then you work easily, just like with WordPress widgets.

This module really offers a lot of customization. You can set up specific email notifications to be sent when the form is completed successfully. So you inform yourself and other users about the successful completion. You can also add someone from the mailchimp list to the form.

Ultimately, the contact form should look something like this:



JetPack is one of the modules that also has automatic contact forms. You just need to activate it in the settings.

Creating a contact form works a little differently than the other modules I mentioned here. Instead of creating a form and adding it to pages or posts, you can create forms directly on the page or in a post.

Fast Secure Contact form

Fast Secure Contact form is a very easy to use module, especially given all its customization options it offers. You create / activate it by going to Modules / Plugins on the board / dashboard. Here you can create completely new forms or edit existing ones.

Two forms that are created automatically during installation:
For each of the forms, you can adjust the basic settings, tweak the fields, modify CSS styles or set security.
The Fast Secure Contact form will look something like this:

The answer to the question of which contact form is best is not entirely clear. Something different suits everyone. It is important for each of you to be able to choose the one that suits you best.

Did any of the mentioned contact forms work for you? Which one would you recommend to others? Share with us in the comments 🙂

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