How to make your “About Me” page as good as possible? Don’t neglect it …

Question to the beginning. What do most Slovak bloggers have in common? A sloppy “About Me” page. This creates space for you to differentiate yourself and do something special. Do you think that no one reads this page and it is useless to invest your time and energy in it? You’re wrong. When you meet someone nice for the first time at the bar, you will definitely care how you set up the interview. The “About Me” page is the same, just in the virtual world. This is where many of your new readers begin. A place where chemistry works.

Beauty in simplicity

You will never return the impression of the first contact, and therefore do not dislike people right at the beginning in a carousel style, ie using all headings from 1 to 6 and rainbow colors. The same goes for this site as it does for your entire blog. Do it decently, don’t use a lot of text formats. Divide the text into paragraphs with headings so they can scan the page at speed.

toto nie je decentne

About me or you?

Don’t be fooled by the name, the “about me” page is not just about you. First and foremost, it’s about your readers. Therefore, ask yourself the following questions at the beginning:

  • Who is my target market?
  • What value do readers gain from visiting my blog?

The first paragraph should address the answers to these questions. Readers need to make sure that the blog is for them. If your blog is about art, start with words like, “The ABC blog is a place where all artistic souls find their oasis full of fantasy and inspiration. They especially come to their avant-garde lovers.” Describe in as much detail as possible what your blog is about and the visitor will know if he came to the right page.

Show your uniqueness

You’ve been filtering your audience, and now it’s time to show what makes your blog special. The competition is fierce and readers picky. Give them a reason why they should bookmark your page. Are you an expert on a given topic? Have you been doing it for several years? Do you have different awards in your “pocket”? Or is it the passion you devote all your free time to? I believe there is some great reason behind setting up your blog. Shout him to the world.


Time for your story

Your ego has been waiting impatiently for the moment. Only now, when readers have fallen in love with the concept of your blog and have discovered the special value you offer them, is it time to have a big show of who is behind it all. Time for them to fall in love with you. Don’t show it by starting to bore them with information about how many siblings you have, what you study and so on. Almost everyone does that. At that moment, the nice man from the bar found out that you have a common passion. Develop it and tell a compelling story about how your love for Cubism broke out in your three years, at the first drawing of a sun made of triangles. Describe what inspired you to start this blog and what the beginnings looked like. Incorporate something about yourself that is related to the topic, but don’t describe every detail of your life.


If you write the blog yourself, don’t be ashamed of it and write in a single number, in the first person. Don’t worry about having a team of 50 people writing for you. Honesty above all. By talking about yourself in a single number and in the first person, you will make your blog much more personal and create a stronger bond with the reader. To strengthen it, don’t forget to add a quality neselfie photo where you can see your face nicely. People also love to see where those great posts come from. Clean up your desk and share some privacy with your readers.

Show them the direction

A newcomer to your blog may be a little disoriented by all that love, so it’s helpful to point him to interesting articles or pages that you want to show him. Add at least 3 links to quality articles where your relationship will be tested.

Nautical knot

We are all creatures forgetful. Especially in an internet environment full of stimuli. Even though the reader adores you and your blog, it easily happens that he forgets about you. That’s why you have to tie him up, that is, remind him to subscribe to your newsletter and connect with you via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and everything you have. Offer him buttons where he will do it with one click. Don’t forget to add a contact to yourself.



How will they get to you?

The last thing you need to think about is how readers get to this page. Some bloggers prefer “Start Here” or “Where to Start” instead of “About Me”. They will place this page in the menu first and new disoriented readers will immediately find their lighthouse. Dušan Plichta , for example, did the same on his blog, who, by the way, in my opinion, managed this site best among all Blogger Rok’s winners this year .

o mne
I also really like bloggers taking advantage of the sidebar space to put their photo and a short snippet of themselves linking to an “About Me” page, such as Marianna . Such a link is, in my opinion, unmissable.

o mne

Press “Publish” and we’re done! I believe that you will not regret the time devoted to building this site. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the chemistry between you and your readers will continue to grow. 🙂 If you know of any other tips or you want to share your opinion on the article, do not hesitate to write a comment. 🙂

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