How is it really with a home office?

The opportunity to work from home has become a common part of corporate culture in many companies. None from 9:00 to 17:00, but flexible working hours. A complete fairy tale. But how close is such an idea to reality? And is it all really as pink as it seems at first glance?

In some companies, home office employees even have a mandatory one. The home office is not just about freelancers, as many people think, but also about people employed in ordinary companies or large corporations. Employees have defined the number of hours they work from the comfort of home, cafes, deck chairs in the garden, from the cave or simply from where they are best.


The home office provides freedom and its own flexible working time settings. On the other hand, it requires enormous responsibility, self-discipline and strong will. If you work from the comfort of your home, you may not be able to concentrate on your work and separate your home from your office. In these cases, for example, it happens to me that I suddenly notice things that I did not notice before. I notice that there is no dust on the shelves of the moon, that the flowers also need watering and that I could test a new nail polish. And I haven’t mentioned the constant eating of sweets from the bowl on the table, which I watch peripherally with my right eye.
These are all dangerous elements that made me nervous at the beginning of getting to know how it goes with the home office here and there. It happened to me that during the days I worked from home, I did less work than I originally planned. Hey, at least it was cleaned.

Working from home has about so many advantages and disadvantages. Here are its 4 biggest disadvantages.

How often do you socialize?

Of course, this does not apply to everyone, but it often happens that people who work from home lose contact with their surroundings. Make sure your only contact is not when you go to take out the trash or buy some groceries down in the apartment building. If your neighbor happens to confuse you with a homeless man who regularly visits garbage dumps in your apartment complex, don’t be surprised. It will be enough if you change your flannel shirt, in which you have been running at home all week and shaved your chin.

Homemade food? Nobody wants to cook.

Working from home means less time spent in vehicles and morning constipations on the way to work. Instead, you may have more time for such a homemade breakfast in the comfort of your home. And what about a fresh lunch or dinner? Only in imagination.
The reality is more like excerpts from Bridget Jones’ diary. Remains of dry pizza, chips packaging, margos or snickers everywhere. And don’t think that a piece of pepper on a sausage pizza counts as a vegetable.
This is not the rule, but people who work from home are more likely to gain weight. Movement is very important and if you work from home, make sure you get enough exercise. The transition from the refrigerator to the bathroom to the desk does not count.

Work vs. Home

It is important to be able to separate the household from the office. It’s not entirely good if you wake up and the first thing you see that interests you is the laptop and the unfinished tasks that the deadline was yesterday.
Create a work corner that will be your ideal work refuge. Not everyone has one separate room for work only. If you want, everything is possible and you can create your work corner in a small one-room. When furnishing, keep in mind the functionality, but don’t forget the style. And if you run out of despair, create a “wall of fame” where you place various motivational quotes or your successes to date. It will definitely kick you again.

Work efficiency is questionable

Make sure you have the exact time to work and just focus on it. Don’t be distracted by other things. Cough on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram also do not check 2336267x per day. With all these things, you just waste time and end up quitting much later and doing more than a regular employee who spends a clear number of hours in the office. Remember that the internet is a very good servant but a bad master. It starts with innocent scrolling of the timeline on Facebook and suddenly you find yourself reading nonsensical PR articles. Do you need it?
Work efficiently. The pomodoro technique has worked for me personally.

I come across different opinions on the topic of home office. Not all are positive. I listen to people whose views on the home office are filled with feelings of mistrust and questions. Everyone explains their home office in their own way.


Something different suits each of us. Someone no longer knows anything but a home office, and someone else has no problem traveling to work even across the city.

As I wrote at the beginning, system and discipline are important when working from home. If you have a strong will and system, you will definitely avoid these problems 🙂

What type of work suits you? 🙂 Write us down to the commenters 🙂

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